Can I just say, although I really enjoy the Olympics, I am appalled at the dress that is ordained for some of the sports. Beach volleyball comes directly to mind. The men get to wear long shorts and tank tops; the women, however, must don barely-there, bikini-style skimps. Like gymnastics – the men get to cover more than the poor women. The divers, male and female, sport scanty, tight suits. How is there not a chorus of protests? I did hear that one country refused to wear the official garb, and were thus fined $15,000.

Even what are generally considered modest countries wear these uniforms: China, Japan, Indonesia, Iran, etc.

I am pleased that the swimmers’ suits have evolved to cover more; although that is due to streamlining and faster times.


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13 thoughts on “Yikes

  1. The first time Anita and I saw the beach volleyball, we turned it off because we thought it was “soft porn.” Until this year, I always thought the choice of bikinis was the teams’ or coaches’ desire to get more people (read middle aged horny mea) to watch. It astounds me that this is the “official uniform” and a team that has more modest clothing is FINED!?
    Even so, come Lord Jesus.

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  2. I’m not watching the Olympics this year because of some of the participants’ lack of patriotism. If they are going to represent our nation, then they need to show respect for the flag. They lost a viewer, but not an avid one. I usually watch gymnastics and swimming, but nothing this year. I’m happy for those who show the respect due to our nation and delighted for their skill. But others, I’m disgusted that they are even in Tokyo.

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    1. That’s so sad. I remember past Olympics when they showed the participants eager to make sure they knew the words to the National Anthem so they could sing if they won. Times are changing. But then, I think on ‘way past times, with the gladiator “games,” crowds watching eagerly as people killed each other. Yikes, indeed!

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