Oh, the Injustice!

I have a few devotionals going at any given time, and most of them now are focused on events leading up to and including the crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus.

All these things – indeed, all things since the beginning of human history – have been intended by God for us and for His glory. He does / He allows these things out of His great love for us.

In studying the events leading up to the crucifixion, we can see that there were a great many injustices to Jesus, much tidings of unfair treatment, of men twisting facts and reality to achieve their own ends. We cringe at injustice, we cry out, and we are grieved.

I thought this morning on those unjust events, and brought it to present day. Humans have not improved in the justice and righteous department at any time in history. God allowed the injustices to Jesus for us, because He loves us.

The same is true today. God allows injustices because He loves us.

At the time, no one, including those who loved Jesus, could see why these things had to happen. No one could see The Big Plan. No one had God’s perspective.

We still don’t.

I cannot begin to put words to the immeasurable, infinite peace I have in my heart, my mind, my soul, in knowing that God’s got this: He is in control, He’s perfect, and He loves me.

I pray you, too, know His Peace.

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Know Him. Know His Word. Obey Him.

18 thoughts on “Oh, the Injustice!

  1. “Humans have not improved in the justice and righteous department at any time in history.”

    Amen! This! I have tried to warn people against the modern mindset. People think because we’re no longer in the times of 2,000 years ago, that we’re entirely different. We’re “beyond these things” and “we’re better people now” nothing is more false! The heart of man was, is and will always be evil. Until everything is fulfilled in Christ though.

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      1. We’re about full circle. To talk to some today, they’re close to saying if we had been in the time of Christ, we would not have allowed Him to suffer and be crucified. Just like the people of His day said the same of the prophets! Modernity is a lie!

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  2. My audio devotional on Abide was talking about justice yesterday, too. Truly, the world in which we live is broken, but God has a plan to fix it and is already working it out according to His timing! Our job is to trust Him.

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  3. Amen Kathy!! I found Isaiah 53 so comforting in my own battles with injustices. Just knowing Jesus understands because he suffered all the hurt, pain and rejection gave me peace of mind. Thank you dear friend for this post!! God bless you always!!🤗❤

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