Homemade Timeline

adam to noah timeline

I am posting a series I started (privately) some time ago and never continued, titled “Revelations from Genesis.” As I read the book of Genesis, I am always amazed at how much there is in this book: God intimates why He created us, He gives us a peek at how mighty and awesome and majestic He really is, He shows us why we need salvation, He outlines and details His plan of salvation, He shows us why we can’t do it ourselves, He paints pictures of His love for us and our need for Him; and He presents a tailored plan on how He designed us to live – what’s most healthy and satisfying and joy-bringing.

I begin the series with a timeline I created. I like a good picture, and I couldn’t find one, so I made one. It is accurate, as far as I know how to make it. If anyone sees discrepancies, please let meknow.

Some items of note from this visual:

  • Because people lived so long, they really got to know their family groups: grandbabies and great-great nephews and nieces and sons and shirttail in-laws mingled with one another.  All the way up to Methuselah, ancestors could speak directly with Adam (and maybe Eve?) and hear what it was like in the Garden, to walk with God and be without sin.
  • It looks like maybe Methuselah and possibly Lamech died in the Flood. Noah was born 126 years after Adam died, and maybe born while Seth was still alive. These folks must have felt very related to each other. I don’t think they moved far away like we do now. There was interaction, and they knew their bloodlines. What did Noah think when God closed the door of the ark? Noah knew his relatives were still out there. But he had faith. Faith that God cared for each of them as much as He did for Noah himself, and that all lives were in His capable and loving hands.