Prayer Vigil

From Julie Dibbles’ blog:

Aren’t we all mourning for adults whose childhood innocence was stolen in the name of God, mourning because their pain has been hushed and silenced for so long, mourning because some of the adults still don’t know what healing from this trauma is.

If you are a follower of Jesus, join this prayer vigil Friday August 24th at 8pm Easterntime covering all victims of sex crimes by priests with focus on the 1000 or more who have come forward in PA and for those who need to repent.

If you are a leader and follower of Jesus, please gather people. Gather them in your home, at the church, at your place of work, at your child’s sports field, on the neighborhood green, online for this prayer vigil.

If you are a follower of Jesus who has friends who have influence in their communities, please share this vigil’s time and purpose with them and ask them to share it.