One of My Neighbors


One of my neighbors is a red-breasted robin.

He visits me in the spring.

In return for worms in my yard,

I get to hear him sing.


One of my neighbors is a mourning dove:

Actually, there are two.

They perch atop our rail.

I enjoy hearing their coo.


One of my neighbors is a squirrel.

Of kin he must have dozens.

I see them dashing from tree to tree,

Bringing food from uncles to cousins.


One of my neighbors is a sparrow.

Her nest is in the crook of a tree.

It’s the best little spot that I’ve ever seen;

In that little hole she maybe feeds three.


We sit on our front swing, my husband and I,

Watching these neighbors of ours.

It brings us great pleasure as we wind down

In the early evening hours.