Rejoicing in Color

Wake up, wake up!

It’s a brand new day!

With head still on pillow,

It’s time to pray.


Thank You, God,

For all You give;

We offer to You

Each moment we live.


All clean with full bellies,

Let’s go outside.

Who can tell

What may be spied?


Thank You, God, for blessing

Us with creation,

And thank You for hearts

Of appreciation.


God gives us color

His beauty abounds.

Let’s see what we find

As we look around.


Yellow is the sun

That shines in the day;

Blue is the sky,

And in it, the jay.


Green are the leaves

That grow on the trees;

Brown are the branches

That sway in the breeze.


Red are the roses

That grow by the path;

Pink are the clematis

Winding ‘round the bird bath.


Purple are the violets

Soft in the shade;

Orange are the marigolds

That God also made.


Gray are the clouds

That swirl in the sky.

Time to go in:

Rain comes by and by.


Black is the sky

So dark at night;

White are the stars

That shine so bright.


Good night to my family,

Whom I love so dear;

Thank You to God,

Who keeps me near.