Creation Museum and Ark Encounter: If You Go

If you go:
Eating at the Creation Museum was pricey. The food was good, but it was all packaged separately. I recommend taking a break, going into Hebron, and eating at one of the many (many!) restaurants there.

I had to post about Emzara’s Buffet, separately (Emzara is the name The Ark Encounter gave to Noah’s wife.)
At The Ark Encounter, I highly and fully recommend Emzara’s Buffet. It’s open 11 am – 6pm (I think). Picture Golden Corral or Pizza Ranch, and enhance it by multitudes. Emzara’s Buffet has SO MUCH food, and every single bite was delicious. I mean, DELICIOUS! Dessert and drinks are included. $15 for adults, $10 for seniors 60 and over, kids under 4 are free; I forget the price for kids older than 4.
Interestingly, there was a ferocious thunderstorm while we were eating. Torrential, tropical rains, high winds, very close lightning, BOOM thunder, the whole works. I loved it!

At both places, we arrived just after 9am. We had plenty of time to see all that we wanted to see, and eat leisurely. We left some time around 3pm, even though they close at 6. Really, you could spend much more time, watching every second of every video, and reading every word of every informational post. 

I researched hotels online for two hours before choosing one near the airport, along I-275. The hotels near The Ark Encounter get poor reviews. Those nearer the airport had much better reviews, and were better priced. The Creation Museum is very close to the airport. The Ark Encounter is 40 miles south.

Rush hour is a serious consideration, especially for those of us who are not used to big-city driving. When I used my Google maps, I could choose No Highways for routes, and we were relieved to have that option.

Emzara’s Buffet:






The torrential storm:





The storm knocked over some of the large potted plants.

Ark Encounter

We visited The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY. Another Wow Wow! Please put this on your list – it’s amazing and incredible. I so appreciated, in both the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter, that they pointed in all ways, in all things, to God, and gave Him glory.

The Ark is an exact replica of Noah’s ark, as closely as they were able, from the instructions God gave Noah in the Bible. It is made mostly of wood, and they employed several Amish woodworkers. All the money was donated – no taxes were used.

The shuttle dropped us at the Answer Center: they show two videos right off at 9:15, the first of which is about the building of the Ark. It’s worth it to watch before walking over to the Ark itself.



The rest of the photos will, I hope speak for themselves. As always, photos cannot convey the experience, but here is a small taste: