“I Am Free” on Alethea’s Mind blog

When I read Tosin’s testimony on her freedom in the Lord, I got one of those physical reactions that you get when God is speaking powerfully; when the Holy Spirit within you is connecting, resonating, with His Holy Spirit in a beloved sister.

I will let Tosin speak in her own words here. The link is https://aletheasmind.wordpress.com/2019/09/19/i-am-free/

A lot has led to this piece below. It’s a journey of many years, but a journey that has now come to an end. This is my testimony, and I am proud to share it unreservedly:

I have been a victim, but I have also played the victim.
I have had low self-esteem, but I have also lowered my esteem.
I have suffered from the words of others, but I have also battered myself with my words.
I have longed for the approval of others but hardly approved of myself.
I have sought for love in all the wrong places but barely loved myself.
I have lived in the fear of rejection when daily I rejected myself.
I have watched others try to dim my light but I’ve never allowed my light to shine.
I have been molested but molest myself daily living in the shadows of my past.

I have belittled myself so you can pity me, I project weakness only to identify with you. When did I believe it was okay to muddy myself in your dirt so I can look like you?

I commend you by portraying a weaker me in comparison to the strength you seem to display, but deep down inside I’m wondering why I just can’t commend your strength and simply walk away.

I have also pretended to walk among the strong while my legs were shivering in weakness, only to keep up appearances, even when no one was really watching. It’s sad the reality of life when one chooses to live for the eyes of me, neglecting the One who truly sees all.

The devil thought he won the battle on my identity, but the Cross is his permanent defeat. All those years of attacking my mind from my childhood up to this point, trying to destroy and pervert all the God made has failed.


I have been free but didn’t accept my freedom to live in the truth of it, but today, everything has changed.

I am free from playing the victim
I am free to live my God-esteem
I am free from the words that caged me
I am free to be who God made me be
I am free from the shadows of my past
I am free to shine His light
I am free from my fears of rejection
I am free to enjoy the greatest love of all
I am free from rolling in the mud of others
I am free to stand strong
I am free to walk forgiven
I am free to forgive

I am OluwaTosin, I am God’s child . . .

“They have greatly oppressed me from my youth,” let Israel say; “they have greatly oppressed me from my youth, but they have not gained the victory over me. Ploughmen have ploughed my back and made their furrows long. But the Lord is righteous; he has cut me free from the cords of the wicked.” Psalm 129:1-4

Natural Medicine Opportunities

Just a quick share on a couple of free web opportunities that I came across, to enhance your knowledge of safe, natural remedies, and healthy ways to live:

https://homemedicinesummit.com/ begins Monday, October 14th. I’ve listened to several of the presenters before, and I believe they have good stuff.

https://essentialoilstransformation.com/ also begins Monday, October 14th. I have not heard most of these presenters before. Upon registration, you are eligible to receive several bonus gifts.

10″ of Rain

10 inches of rain

Our little area of the world got flooded last night. In our backyard rain gauge, there was 7.67″ of rain in one night, on top of the 2.15″ the night before, plus .18″ the day before. That equals 10 inches. God is greater than 10 inches.

We are thankful that our house stayed dry. Really, it was a miracle, considering the lake surrounding our house. Mostly I credit God and my husband who is a maintenance king, and has an eye and aptitude for keeping our home safe. Other parts of town did not stay dry. Not mentioned in the attached article is a friend of my husband’s whose basement was completely flooded (8′ ceiling) plus two feet of water in the upper level. Plus all his garages where he had a collection of over 50 motorcycles of various vintages and many other vehicles.

God is greater than 10 inches.

I shared this article on my facebook page. It starts off with a local but worldwide business, Klock Werks. They start off with prayer. There’s a short video at the end of the article worth watching.


Equipping Godly Women Online Conference

Equipping Godly Women Conference Online

Just passing along an opportunity that I caught wind of today. I haven’t heard of this organization before, but I’m intrigued by the topics.

Equipping Godly Women Online Conference coming up Sept 16-20

Web address: https://equipping-godly-women-conference.heysummit.com/

Info from that website:

 Finding the Courage to Live Out God’s Calling On Your Life with Arabah Joy

– Saving Your Sanity Around the Home with Kristi Clover

– Nurturing Faith in Our Kids with Erika Dawson

– The Importance of a Vibrant Prayer Life with LaToya Edwards

– Cultivating Genuine Intimacy in Marriage with Shannon Ethridge

– Determining which Routines You Should Focus on for Your Home with Cara Harvey

– How to Keep Your Marriage Strong in the Storms of Life with Sarah Ann

– How to Have a Grumble Free {School} Year with Tricia Goyer

– Creating a Mission-Minded Family with Brittany Ann

– Trusting God through the Unexpected with Rachel Wojo

– Breaking Up With Mom Fear Once and For All with Lee Nienhuis

 How the Way You Treat Your Body Affects Your Faith with Sara Borgstede

– Building Real Community through Courageous Vulnerability with Lisa Goins

Pray, Pray, Pray; and Be a Light

Dr. Jim Denison has returned, and writes today’s Daily article on the Denison Forum. It concerns this weekend’s shootings and how to respond as a Christian.

Pray, pray, pray, and be a light!  People still need Jesus.

Two mass shootings in two days: God’s question for his people today


Denison on Whom We Follow

I subscribe to Jim Denison’s Daily Denison Forum, which addresses current news from a Christian perspective. He is non-partisan, and gives insightful presentations on how we may view what happens through God’s Word.

Today, Dr Denison is on vacation, and his son is assuming responsibilities. Ryan discusses the topic of walking away from Christianity. He makes some powerful points. I recommend this read. If you follow the link, you may read the article (4 or 5 minutes), or listen to the podcast, right from that page.

Joshua Harris, author and former pastor, renounces Christianity: Should public falls affect your faith?