It’s Tomorrow, and the Sun Came Out

We’ve been having some wild weather here in South Dakota.

February brought record cold temperatures and above average snowfall. March 3rd we set new temperature records for coldest temp and coldest high temp; and it continued to snow. All that cold means the snow is piling up, and not melting.


Last weekend we got hit with a winter storm across the state, and forecasters were throwing out broad hints that a whopper was coming. Tuesday brought milder weather, and cities across the state started preparing for “the big one” – clearing storm drains and culverts and so forth. At our house, we (by that, I mean my husband) shoveled snow away from the house, and cleared window wells and gutters of ice build-up. Even so, Tuesday night we discovered water leaking onto a basement floor. (We were thankful that the floor was bare concrete, and not carpet-covered, as are most of the other rooms in the basement.)

{A bit of background: SD is divided by the Missouri River, and one’s location is known as “West River” or “East River.” Each side has its own climate.}

The whopper hit us Wednesday and Thursday.

West River, all the way to Pierre (our capital, in the middle of the state) got snow both days, between one and two feet, with drifts up over 15 feet. They’re still digging out today (Friday).

We live East River. It rained all day (high of 36 degrees) on Wednesday: 2.38” onto frozen ground. We dug pathways through the snow in our yard, trying to make drainage channels out to the street from various locations around our house. Our dryer ran all day, between our wet clothing and the towels we were switching out from the basement floor. My husband put a submersible pump outside our house, where water was pooling (same spot where, below, water was coming into the basement). Around 4 p.m., we looked again to the back yard, where large ponds were developing around trees in our neighbor’s yards and around our garden shed. But now our garden shed was about floating away. We moved the submersible pump to the garden shed area, and strung hose out to the street (and extension cord from the house). The sump pump in the house kicked in for the first time since December. My husband stayed in the living room all night, getting up every couple of hours to check the pumps and the basement towels.

It continued raining all night, and in the wee hours of Thursday it changed to freezing rain, and then snow. Our low temp was 30, high was 36. The wind kicked up: 40 – 60 mph. We had a bona fide blizzard: 4.2” of heavy, wet snow, with wild drifting. The snow stopped in the afternoon, but the wind stayed. We went out to re-dig our drainage channels as best we could, dealing with slush and ice.

The sun came out just before sunset.


Today is sunny and chilly; the wind is dying down. We went to the hardware store and got another submersible pump. Everyone is saying this is a once-in-a-lifetime storm, but we’re thinking, with the way the weather and our planet have been acting, things are only going to get worse. We’re planning ahead for the next weather show-down.

Our washer and dryer are still running overtime. But we are awestruck and grateful. We’ve been watching the news of surrounding areas. There is major flooding going on, streets under water, basements flooded with 4- and 5-feet of water, bridges and dams washed out, whole huge areas under freezing water, people stranded and in need of help.

God help us, and have mercy on us.

2 Chronicles 7.14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

ItsTomorrow2 {Snow does funny stuff 😁}

Cold and Flu Remedies


I was immensely blessed to buy an Herbs and Essential Oils Ultimate Bundle a few years ago, which included online classes from various instructors. One of the most helpful of these was the Joybilee Farms “Joybilee Academy DIY Herbal Apothecary.” She has a website here: and I highly recommend anything she offers. I am on her e-mail list and her facebook page.

Colds and flu abound this time of year, and I paste, following, information directly from her course notebook concerning the different stages and different needs; along with recipes for teas. FYI, decoction is when you boil the ingredients, infusion is when you steep the ingredients (like making tea).

My first choice (other than growing my own or buying at a local store) for gathering ingredients is with VitaCost:

My second choice is Amazon:

Other great sites include , , , , and .

Joybilee Farms Information:

The Five Stages of a Cold

Colds and flu seem to begin with those achy muscles, sometimes sneezing, or sore throat. Often these maladies can be headed off with some judicial use of herbal remedies like vitamin C, elderberry syrup, fire cider, or other common immune boosters. These can be taken hourly at the first sign of a cold or flu. Often that is all you need to overcome the virus. This lesson is about what to do when the immune system is weak, and the body succumbs.

At the point where taking elderberry or fire cider begins to make you feel worse instead of better, try these remedies.

Stage 1 Rest

At the first sign of a cold or flu the most important action is rest. Take the day off. Crawl into bed. Sleep. Think of a cold or the flu as a warning flag that you need more rest. Take antimicrobial mixtures like fire cider, vitamin C, and olive leaf tincture every hour.

Herbs to Support the body at the first sign of a cold or flu

Antimicrobial herbs – Fire Cider, oil of oregano, olive leaf tincture, garlic, onions, ginger, eucalyptus, peppermint,

Immune boosting herbs – echinacea, elderberry, astragalus, olive leaf, peppermint

Tea or hot infusions are the best ways to take herbs for a cold or flu. The fluids help with hydration and elimination. The moist heat helps with sinus congestion and sore throat.

Stage 2: The Hot/Dry Cold

In the second stage of a cold or flu, where there are aches and pains, chills and fever, sore throat, swollen glands, or plugged nose, cooling and moistening herbs are needed. At this stage elderberries and elderflowers help support the immune system. Elderberry prevents viruses from replicating in the body, and if used regularly at this stage of the cold, there is still the hope that the body will overcome the virus.

Try this herbal infusion to help when you are hot and dry.

Yield: 4 cups of herbal infusion


1 teaspoon elderflowers (cool and slightly dry, expectorant, anti-catarrhal, diaphoretic)

1 teaspoon elderberries (cool and slightly dry, immune stimulant)

1 teaspoon mullein leaf (cool and moist, expectorant, anti-catarrhal, demulcent)

1 teaspoon red clover flowers (cool and moist, lymphatic)

½ teaspoon peppermint leaf (cool and dry, antimicrobial, antiviral, diaphoretic)


Combine the herbs in the mesh tea strainer of a 27 ounce cast iron tea pot or tetsubin. Pour boiling water over the herbs. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. Drink liberally. If you want to make this ahead and package in single serving tea bags, each tea bag should have 1 teaspoon of herb. One teabag is enough for a single cup of herbal infusion.

Stage 3: The Hot/Moist Cold

In the third stage of a cold or flu the person feels feverish and damp. The nose is running. The cough is wet and productive. The mucus is profuse. There is a need for herbs that are cooling, drying, and toning.

Try this herbal infusion to help when you are hot and damp.

Yield: 4 cups of herbal infusion


1 teaspoon peppermint (cool and dry, diaphoretic, antiviral/antimicrobial)

1 teaspoon elderberry (cool and dry, immune stimulant)

1 teaspoon yarrow (cool and dry, diaphoretic, antiviral/microbial, anti-catarrhal)

½ teaspoon mullein leaf (cool and moist, expectorant, anti-catarrhal, demulcent)

½ teaspoon calendula (cool and dry, antimicrobial, lymphatic)


Combine the herbs in the mesh tea strainer of a 27 ounce cast iron tea pot or tetsubin. Pour boiling water over the herbs. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. Drink liberally. If you want to make this ahead and package in single serving tea bags, each tea bag should have 1 teaspoon of herb. One teabag is enough for a single cup of herbal infusion. Drink this freely.

Stage 4 The Cold/Dry Cold

Yield: 4 cups

This herbal decoction will warm up the circulation and ease the dry, hacking cough. Since this herbal blend is made up of roots, it should be made as a decoction rather than an infusion.


1 teaspoon elecampane (warm and moist, diaphoretic, antimicrobial)

1 teaspoon echinacea root (cool and dry, immune stimulant, anti-catarrhal, antimicrobial, lymphatic)

½ teaspoon licorice (neutral and moist, expectorant, demulcent)

¼ teaspoon ginger powder (hot and dry, diaphoretic, antimicrobial)


Simmer roots in 4 cups of boiling water for 20 minutes. Keep the pot covered. Strain and drink hot. If you want to make this ahead and package in single serving tea bags, each tea bag should have 1 teaspoon of herb. One teabag is enough for a single cup of herbal decoction.

Stage 5: The Cold/Moist Cold

This is the stage of cold where the fever is broken but there is lingering sinus issues, sneezing, coughing, and mucus. At this stage warming foods like chili peppers, cinnamon, ginger, and raw garlic help warm up the sinuses and dry up mucus. This is a good time to eat curry and Mexican food. Bitter, drying herbs make the best infusions to help expectorate mucus and calm the lingering cough.

Yield: 4 cups


½ teaspoon thyme (warm and dry, diaphoretic, expectorant, anti-catarrhal, antimicrobial)

½ teaspoon sage (warm and dry, diaphoretic, antimicrobial, anti-catarrhal)

½ teaspoon calendula (cool and dry, antimicrobial, lymphatic)

½ teaspoon elderberry (cool and dry, immune stimulant)

A pinch cayenne (warm and dry, diaphoretic, anti-catarrhal, antimicrobial)


Combine the herbs in the mesh tea strainer of a 27 ounce cast iron tea pot or tetsubin. Pour boiling water over the herbs. Cover and let sit for 15 minutes. Drink liberally. If you want to make this ahead and package in single serving tea bags, each tea bag should have 1 teaspoon of herb. One teabag is enough for a single cup of herbal infusion. Drink this freely.

Peace for the Disquiet


When come the waters of trials too deep

And come the pain that causes to weep

Churning to anguish and gut-wrenching wails

Shaking fists and angry rails,


Pray come the Master to rescue our souls

Pray come the Spirit, surrender controls

Our Father, His Son, and Spirit of Peace

Cradles His loved ones, their flesh to cease.


Our hope in self stilled

Transferred to His will

Ease our anxious thoughts

Unravel the knots.


We have not the answers we seek for now,

Yet in obedience we agree to bow

To our Lord and Savior, our only hope

And only means by which to cope.


We trust in the future He has in mind

And trust, in obedience, we may find

His perfect plan, and not forsake

The joyful path He wants us to take.


Psalm 42.5 Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? Hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance.

Talkative Tag

This was created by The Eclectic Contrarian, and I was nominated by Christy at MiraculousSmile. Thanks to both of you!! 😊

This is a fun and edifying tag, since it’s a shout-out to encouragers. I don’t think I’ve read any negative comments on any of the blogs I follow. I am brought to my knees with praise and thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father when I read these uplifting blogs, and the supportive and loving comments that they engender.

Thank you Amy, Stuart, Christy, Vickie, Julie, Maria, Tosin, Ryan, Wendi, Ana, John, Maxine, Laurie, Renee, Brenda, Sue, Ann, and all the others who comment on one another’s blogs and keep us going (and going in the Right Direction). We are blessed and grateful to receive God’s blessings through you.

John didn’t specify any rules with this one (thank you, John!), so if this looks fun to you, go ahead and post one on your blog. Go to your Stats / Insights tab at the top, and scroll down to the Comments box. It only shows the top six on mine.

Come Lord Jesus

Mass shooting happened last night, #307 for the year in America.

Come Lord Jesus

Opioid abuses and overdoses make the news daily.

Come Lord Jesus

Greed and evil overpower us sometimes.

Come Lord Jesus

A man from our town was arrested for child pornography.

Come Lord Jesus

Another list of sex trafficking victims

Come Lord Jesus

When my country is far from You, and we no longer follow the Christian principles upon which we are founded

Come Lord Jesus

When I look and can’t find you in the people around me

Come Lord Jesus

When I’m hurting

Come Lord Jesus

When I feel far from You

Come Lord Jesus

When I’m sinking

Come Lord Jesus

When I am sick

Come Lord Jesus

When loved ones are sick or hurting

Come Lord Jesus

When I am feeling low and lonely

Come Lord Jesus


Come Lord Jesus

Bring us to our knees before Your Great and Mighty Presence.

Come Lord Jesus

We bow before You.

Come Lord Jesus

May “…the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:  And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.” (2 Thess 3. 1, 2)


Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Lessons I learned Today

This was from a long-ago time, when I was a new Christian:


This was my first retreat.  At 33, I feel I am yet a babe in Christ, having been saved by His grace three years previously.  I have learned of the love of God through the members of my church.  Never before have I felt such acceptance.  I think they really care for me, and, as it’s not something I have experienced within the world of non-Christians, it has taken me some time to build trust.

I was a little hesitant to attend the weekend retreat, not knowing what to expect, but it took only a small amount of encouragement from my new friends to get me there.  I scribbled copious notes as I sat under the teachings of a Godly sister in the Lord, Arlene Hill.  During a break, some of the ladies chose to go canoeing.  Carolyn Fromer and I went together.  Carolyn was a comfortable Christian lady, some twenty years older than myself.

We paddled quietly through the calm waters of the river.  It was a beautiful fall day in Michigan, sunny, crisp and clear.

As we paddled, we sang: “Peace Like a River,” “It is Well With my Soul,” “Open My Eyes, Lord,” and others.  What a feeling of peace.  And it was all from the Lord.  We were surrounded by trees; I looked through the autumn-printed leaves at the deep blue sky, and offered my thanks to Him as we rocked gently in the sun-dappled waves.

We came upon a tree that hung out over the water.  We steered over to it, and Carolyn saw that there were vines hanging from it.  She makes wreathes, she said, and here, I’ll make one for you.  She pulled a vine from the tree (no easy feat I soon discovered, as I tried to do the same myself), and busied herself in the front of the canoe while I let my paddle dangle lazily from my position in the rear.  Her back was to me, so I couldn’t see what she was doing, but she soon turned around to hand me a beautifully-crafted, miniature wreath.  It was only about four inches in diameter, but was perfectly woven, with delicate tendrils hanging from it.

I took it and said, “Thank you so much, it’s beautiful.”  (How often words are not enough to express one’s feelings.)

As I held it, and examined it, I was reminded of Christ’s crown of thorns, for that’s what my beautiful wreath looked like.

The man who fashioned Christ’s thorny crown had a gift much like Carolyn’s.  He, too, took a vine and quickly made a wreath.  But his creation was not meant to glorify God.  It was used to satisfy his own desires, to justify himself.

Carolyn glorified God with that little wreath she gave me.  She used God’s creation, a vine, and formed it into a gift for another, me.  And it taught me a lesson.

God blesses each of us with certain gifts or talents.  He gives us these gifts for the purpose of glorifying Him.  How often we, in our iniquity, use His gifts for our own desires.

Lord, I thank you for bestowing upon me the gifts you created in me, personally.  Cause me to remember to use them always to your glory.  Give me wisdom, Lord, that I may find your opportunities to use your gifts, to share with others your infinite love and mercy.

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.”  1 Peter 4:10

Present-Day Update: That brown vine still hangs in my home as a reminder to use my gifts for Him.

Luv Dat Famlee

Family get-togethers,

reunions and such,

aunties and uncles

get back in touch


with all those we love,

and all those we don’t;

those whom we hug

and those whom we won’t.


It’s hard to choose,

when family gives you lip:

grit your teeth

or let ‘er rip.


They gabble together,

those elders lament,

of morals and politics;

Wonder where the grandkids went?


Food brings us back

and ties us together.

Ice cream and sparklers

strengthen the tethers.


Families are funny

the way they pan out,

a mish-mash of kin

we can’t do without.


Born into, or adopted,

or take in a stray.

We love ’em, we hate ’em,

can’t give ’em away.


When it comes to family,

one cannot choose.

When it comes to family,

one cannot refuse.


Pour out thy love,

measure by measure,

to those whom God gives you

in His good pleasure.

Random Acts of Kindness Award


Stuart, you’ve done it again, nomination for the RAKA. You do bless my socks off.

My Random Act of Kindness story is all of you in this blogging world that I’ve run into. Kindness is so much more than sweet, nice, or encouraging words (although, it is all of those, when they are truly meant). Sometimes it is a kindness to point out a hard truth. Sometimes it is kind to bare one’s heart and share the deeply buried treasures (pretty or not). It is kind, always, to share the marvelous workings of the Holy Spirit. Kindness is rightly dividing the Word of God.

Here’s to you, my Blogger World Friends. Thank you for your kindnesses. I have been receiving your gifts and treasuring them.

Thank you, Amy. Stuart, thank you. Daily 😊. Julie, Wendi, Ana, Maxine, you are all blessings to me. William, I treasure your special gifts. Vickie, Christy, Savannah, Brenda, and Sue, you lift me up. John, 140CharacterChristian, Lynn and Cindy, your gifts of words are a kindness to so many. David, Rotimi, Danielle, Marie, Vanessa, Jess, and Lois, I so appreciate you.

Also very much appreciated for your kindness are the comments and replies I read from many of you in so many of the blogs we share. Thank you.

The award was created by Mws R Writings
Random Acts of Kindness Award/KA

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Nominate anyone or share to your own page. If you so choose to Participate. Tag or pingback to the original person who nominated you, or the original post.

A Love Letter to You

love letter

Dearest (insert your name here), my Beloved,

I have searched thee, and I have known thee. I understand your thoughts afar off. I encompass your path, and I am acquainted with all your ways. I have beset you behind and before, and I have laid My hand upon you. Take heart, my beloved! There is nowhere you can go from My Spirit, nowhere you can flee from my presence. Even if you dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there shall my hand lead you, and My right hand shall hold you. I have made thee most fearfully and wonderfully. I have made your soul to know that I have created a marvelous work in you.                                         Ps 139

I take pleasure in you. I beautify the meek with salvation.                                         Ps 149.4

I am ever in the midst of thee, and I am mighty. I will save. I will rejoice over thee with joy; I will rest in my love for you; I will joy over thee with singing.                     Zeph 3.17

Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.                                                                                                                     Is 41.10

I will show you the path of life: in My presence is fullness of joy, and at My right hand there are pleasures for evermore.                                                                                 Ps 16.11

I am love. I have brought you to dwell in Me, and I dwell in you.                     1 John 4.16

Out of my love, I have created you in order that I may have a relationship with you. You are rooted and grounded in love. I draw you to Me, that you may be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height, and to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge, that you might be filled with all the fullness of Me, your Creator and Lover of your soul.                                                Ephesians 3.17 – 19

My Dear, you are Mine forever. And I have given unto you eternal life; you shall never perish, and no one can ever pluck you out of my hand.                                    John 10.28

I will cherish you forever, and we will be together forever.


Your Lord and Creator, Jehovah