Christian Women’s Conference online offer

From an email, Jessica | Ultimate Bundles <> (free workshop opportunity):

The Called to Act Christian Women’s Conference is a LIVE online event designed to help Christian women of all denominations better understand God’s Word and God’s will for their lives today.

Over the course of three days, you’ll hear from 19 incredible authors, speakers, and Bible teachers – all sharing practical, encouraging, and biblically-sound tips and advice for reading, understanding, and applying God’s life-changing Word.

Topics include:

How to Hear God’s Voice Leading You – Mark Batterson, pastor and bestselling author

How to Accurately Understand God’s Word – Mark Strauss, seminary professor and NIV Bible translator
Overcoming Your Past and Finding God’s Will – Shari Rigby, actress
How to Trust God Through Seasons of Waiting – Wendy Pope, author and speaker
How to Get the Most Out of Your Bible Study – Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista, founders of Sojo Academy
and many more!
Tickets are free, but you do need to register in advance.

Learn more and grab your seat today!
—and the rest of the Ultimate Bundles team

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