Still Learning, Pt 3

In my last post, I mentioned that God created evil, and I cited Isaiah 45.7 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

I found it interesting that the replies contained comments about God creating evil, and that some do not agree with this, or have other ideas.

So this post is an invitation to discuss where you think evil came from.

My position:

  • God is good and love and light. He is eternal, and has ever been eternal. I don’t think evil has been present from eternity past, so it must have been created.
  • Where would evil have come from, if God didn’t create it?
  • I don’t think that evil is simply the absence of the presence of God, because, if that were so, then evil would have to have been co-eternal with God. And, God is omnipresent.
  • I cited Isaiah 45.7, and the word evil is from ra’, which can be translated as calamity, bad, evil. In this passage, God says He created evil; He doesn’t say, as in many other passages, that He used evil, or sent evil; but that He created it. Perhaps in this passage He is referring only to this instance; but, to me, it shows that God creates evil.
  • I believe God has complete control over evil, that He can send or use or prevent.
  • I think Lucifer may have been the first entity to choose evil. Did he choose it immediately after God created evil, or after God created him?

I am really interested in other perspectives, with Bible passages to corroborate. What do you think?

16 thoughts on “Still Learning, Pt 3

  1. I think God created it. We would be mindless subjects with only the choice to serve Him. When evil is present, along with sin, our choice to turn from it and to Him becomes an action of love.

    Satan was given the opportunity to walk up and down the earth like he said he was doing during the time of Job. I believe God allows evil and that evil has been stretched and stretched….The evil we see today seems to be worse than ever, so people think. But there is nothing new under the sun. This is what I tell myself.

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    1. I agree with you, Amy: There is nothing new under the sun. Perhaps every generation has thought that things are worse than ever before.
      “When evil is present, along with sin, our choice to turn from it and to Him becomes an action of love.” — I love that. I plan to spend a bit of time mulling that over and digging deeper into it.

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  2. Interesting thoughts, but I still maintain “evil” is not a “real thing” like goodness.
    Before Father began creating, there was nothing besides God. Thus evil did not exist until He created something other than Himself. When He created angels, there was still no place that God was not.
    When Lucifer decided to “become like the Most High,” he set up a realm where God was not – in his heart. He did not “create” evil, again as evil is not a “thing.” He simply said, God is not welcome in my heart, thus making the first place in all creation (that we know about) where God was not welcome.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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    1. I guess I don’t get where you’re coming from that evil is not a “real thing.” Because it seems very real to me. God can send an evil spirit; He can create evil to destroy an enemy… It seems to me it’s an entity, an attribute, like goodness and love and peace.
      I do agree that evil did not exist until God created something.

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      1. Just think of darkness. Yes, it “feels” real, but it is simply the lack of something. You do not fight it or drive it out. One just turns on the light.
        Evil is the same way; it “feels” real, but it is simply the absence of what is good. We cannot drive it out with more evil; we just have to shine the light of God’s love and holiness on it.
        Try checking out “The Great Divorce” by Lewis for more on this idea. 🙂


  3. Satan chose to do evil when he decided to be “greater than God” through his pride. He had it made in heaven and then got “cocky” and to me that was the first sin and God didn’t tolerate it anymore than He does now.

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    1. I take great comfort in knowing God never changes. I agree: Heaven is perfect – however did Satan think he could make anything better?? But I confess I am like that sometimes: I think I could make things better even in my own little world. I’m glad it all belongs to God.


  4. Contextually Isaiah 45 is speaking of God’s dealings with Israel and God working through Cyrus to bring Israel to repentance. Isaiah as a whole is about this issue. Using one verse out of context can lead to misunderstandings. While the Hebrew words for evil in Isaiah 45:7 could be translated-evil- the translation for the word can also be calamity which fits much better with the overall context of Isaiah and God using Cyrus to bring Israel to repentance.

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  5. Since GOD is Sovereign and created everything, then yes HE did for light and darkness and good and evil. So yes HE created it. Whether we understand it or not is our sin problem of course. But GOD knows why HE did it in the first place!

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  6. I was discussing this with my friend. She gave me
    Proverbs 16.4 The LORD hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.


    Colossians 1.16, 17 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: 17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.

    When I think of the principalities and powers, I think of Ephesians 6.12 (yikes).

    I know God created all things for His glory – ALL things. And He will receive His glory, hallelujah!

    And — eeek! I just realized I put Isaiah 47.7 in my post instead of 45.7. 🙄 I fixed it.


  7. Kathy, thank you asking a really hard question, and for allowing respectful dialogue about important spiritual matters. Also for pushing us toward the scripture for answers.
    As I reflected on the question, my mind went to the beginning, Genesis, which sets the stage for all humanity. In the first chapter God creates and declares six times, ” It was good”. On the final day of creation, man is made in the image of God. God says, “It is very good”
    Moving to Genesis chap 2. After God abundantly blesses man, He gives humanity two commands as you will see in verse 16.
    In Chapter 3, Humanity (Adam and Eve) are deceived by the crafty serpent, and the desires within their on hearts. In that moment of history they are awaken to evil. Shame it felted for the first time. They claimed to be wise in their own eyes. Mading themselves their own god, they forfeited an intimate relationship with God and each other. (Curse of sin)
    Genesis 4 tells a story of the first murder – a brother kills his brother.

    As the stories continue throughout the Bible, we see mankind’s heart is darkened in a acts of rebellion. But that isn’t the end of the a story. God promises in Genesis, a seed would come from woman. This seed would be the Savior of the world. In Ezekiel 36:26 God says, ” I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. Christ fulfills all the OT promises: He is the perfect temple, the perfect lamb, perfect priest.

    Did God create evil ? He did create all beings both angels and mankind with the capacity for good and evil – the capacity to choose. Unlike the angels, we have been given the gift of grace through faith in Christ.

    Love (God) created us with the capacity to know Him, seek Him and abide in Him. Love became man and did what we couldn’t do on our own.

    Jesus says, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

    Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Donna, for your thoughtful reply to this issue. Yes! However evil came to be, we can rejoice that God allows it for His glory, and that He has provided a Saviour in His Son, Jesus Christ – not only to save us from sin, but to spend eternity with Him, to guide us, to know Him, and to enjoy Him and bring Him glory while here on Earth.


  8. Hi Kathy,
    My thoughts run like this. God is good. God is the Creator of all, both spiritual and physical and any other category or realm that can be dreamed up. He is all-knowing and sovereign over all of His creation. That He currently permits evil to exist is self-evident. So if God is always and only good, what can be concluded except that God has a good purpose for the existence of evil that could not be accomplished without it. We don’t know His thoughts or the depths of His wisdom, but we can certainly see how He uses evil to try His people and bring about their good and His glory. Are there purposes beyond that? I really don’t know, but even that purpose would seem to me to be sufficient.

    In the end, we are His sheep and what can we do but trust Him and His word. The scriptures were not given to answer every question we can imagine, nor were they given in order for Him to justify Himself to His fallen, rebellious creatures (who frequently cite the existence of evil to justify their hatred of Him), but they are sufficient for their purpose – to reveal many glorious things about God, creation, His plan of redemption, and to make us wise for salvation. And that is all we really need.
    God bless!

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    1. Excellent insight, and I very much agree with all you said, Craig.
      That God doesn’t give us all the answers, that He doesn’t “justify Himself to His fallen,” is clearly seen in the book of Job. Throughout the Bible we are admonished to receive God’s blessings (whether they look like blessings to us or not) by faith, and worship Him. That will bring us the true peace and joy that He desires for us.
      btw, I appreciated your poem, ‘Rise’ this morning.

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