Days of Praise Shared

I really enjoy the devotions / Bible meditations I receive from Institute for Creation Research. This is shared directly from their thoughts for today at

  January 19, 2022
Jacob’s Plain Life
“Jacob was a plain man, dwelling in tents.” (Genesis 25:27)

Jacob has often been given a bad reputation for his deception of Isaac. He is branded a liar and worse, while the Scriptures describe him very differently. To begin with, the Hebrew word translated “plain” in our text is tam, everywhere else rendered as “perfect” or “upright.”

The same word is used most often by God Himself of Job—a “perfect” and “upright” man (Job 1:8). All other references in the Bible where tam is used verify this upright and undefiled character. The deception is not rebuked by God, and Jacob is honored by God far more than Isaac. In fact, Jacob is renamed “Israel” by God—hardly a punishment for a bad life, but rather a recognition of a great life (Genesis 32:28).

The sin of Isaac and Esau is infinitely greater. Esau has “sold” and “despised” the birthright (Genesis 25:33-34). Isaac would have given that blessing to Esau (Genesis 27:1-4) in spite of God’s plan (Genesis 25:23). The intention of Jacob and Rebecca was to prevent a horrible disobedience and catastrophe.

Jacob’s action gave him no temporal advantage and was taken at great personal risk. Jacob spent 20 years in exile and servitude to his wicked uncle Laban, 14 of them for Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29:20-29). While there, he endured the awful trickery of Laban, but God gave him 12 sons and at least one daughter (Genesis 29:31–30:24).

God’s intervention and Jacob’s careful attention to detail brought wealth and a growing confidence that God had turned his life around, providing the leadership his family needed to leave suddenly and go with confidence back to the land of Abraham (Genesis 31), having received personal assurance from God (Genesis 32:24-30).

May we all have the reputation of a “plain” life. HMM III

9 thoughts on “Days of Praise Shared

    1. I agree – it’s an intriguing concept to follow. Boil it all down, like Solomon does, and you end up with this: “Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.” (Ecc 12.13)

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  1. Wow, that’s totally different view than what we’ve seen. Our adult Sunday school class is studying Genesis, and the theme has been “God’s plan.” We’ve seen that ever since Adam and Eve, Man has fallen short, but the main Character of Genesis – and the whole Bible – is GOD. In spite of all our shortcomings, failings, and downright rebellion and sin (We just covered Judah and Tamar.) God remains faithful. I won’t even try to surmise Jacob’s reasons for the things he did. Giving someone the benefit of the doubt regarding their motives is something I try to do in my day-to-day dealings with people, but it’s good to remember that even IF the motives are selfish, God is greater and will carry out His plan, not because of us, but in spite of us.

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    1. This is one reason why I enjoy studying word meanings in their translations. Languages are such an intricate tangle!
      But yes – God will always carry out His plans because they bring Him glory, and because they bless us (no matter what our perspectives are).


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