I just love when God gives us gifts to delight our souls, don’t you?

This was the view out our window this morning. Wow! So beautiful, magnificent, awesome…

From (or so the top return of a google search says): Sundogs are colored spots of light that develop due to the refraction of light through ice crystals. … The colors usually go from red closest to the sun, out to blue on the outside of the sundog. Sundogs are also known as mock suns or parhelia, which means “with the sun”.

Granted, in order to witness this creative genius, you have to be where it’s cold. Our highs are in the negatives to plus 2 today.

So I had to take another picture outside, with no visible man-made junk to interfere.

Brilliant, huh?

I love God. I love His gifts.

18 thoughts on “Sundog

  1. Beautiful Kathy. Our temps are the same today. We had 4″ of snow last night, Might see the sun. our 40″ of total snow has settled to knee deep in the woods so big snowshoes are needed. I am often awestruck by the beauty on one hand and the potential deadly woods in this cold and deep snow on the other with one slip up when alone half mile into the forest. Like being in the world as a spiritual being our “awareness” can be lulled to be where we shouldn’t.

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    1. I am left to wonder, occasionally, why some of God’s beauty is so dangerous to us. But, this is His world; and we are to be careful stewards and caretakers.
      Living among the dangers, there is a line between dangerous and foolhardy, or between limits and excitement. That line varies in its location depending on the observer. I know my line is drawn closer to the ‘careful’ and ‘safe’ than other’s perspectives. You take care, Gary.

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      1. You are right Kathy. I live closer to the dangerous side as “adventure” is my passion as well as capturing beauty in pictures. I have an inadequate amount of “fear” in me. My wife and I for our 25th anniversary celebrated by white water rafting where 7 people had died that year from the dangerous rapids and sink holes. Our cautious side made sure we had an experienced guide (who ended up being an adrenaline junkie like us).
        As I get older I think I am becoming a fairly boring guy.

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  2. Years ago I lived in the Chicago area. It gets plenty cold there, but never saw a sundog! You’re right–they’re spectacular, even in a photo. A special gift from your Heavenly Father indeed! (I do have to wonder, though, at the name sundog. What does does ethereal circle have to do with dogs?! Might have to look that up later.)

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