Zechariah Chapter 7

I am in Zechariah as I continue my reading through the minor prophets.  I am daily amazed and blessed at what God gives us through all the books of His Word – and at what He gives me, personally.

In Zechariah chapter 7, God reminds His people of their hard, selfish hearts, the reason they were carried away captive. Even in their captivity, as they walked through the rituals, their hearts were not bowed in humble adoration before their great God. He renews His call to heed His prophets, to walk in His ways with His heart (v 9, 10). But they would not hear.

It is the same with us, with all people: we cannot have a heart for God unless we have God’s heart – His Holy Spirit within us to love as He loves.

1 John 4.19 We love Him, because He first loved us.

4 thoughts on “Zechariah Chapter 7

  1. Kathy, the “minor prophets” seem to get overlooked, but our pastor has started a sermon series on Amos, and like Zechariah, it’s convicting. The Christian faith is not a religion, it’s a relationship, and as they say, “If God seems far away, guess who moved.”

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    1. Good point. I think, sometimes, we as humans start deciding which books of the Bible are more important or more relevant; but we can never get it right. God gave us the entire text for His good reasons, and we must heed Him – all of Him.


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