October 31 Blessing

We had a series of revival meetings at our church, and the last one was Sunday, October 31st. My husband is the deacon, so we arrived early to the meetings to set things up.

So, 6:20 pm we pulled in to our church parking lot. To our astonishment, the parking lot was all but full! Not only that, but lines of cars going both directions were slowly passing, and cars were parked on both sides of the street for several blocks down the road. We saw crowds of parents and children, all dressed up, going from house to house.

Of course. It’s Halloween, and everyone is out for candy. Folks were parking in our lot, then walking up and down the street.

We were truly astounded at the number of parents, kids, and cars we saw! I mean, it was crazy! We live in a fairly small town, and we just didn’t think there was even that many people who lived there.

We made our way to the church: it was still locked, as we were the first to arrive. We turned on lights and got things ready.

I looked, wide-eyed, out the windows to watch all the cars and people passing by. As I wandered to the front, another church family arrived: two parents with little 3-year-old Micah. As they came in, some of the trick-or-treaters walked by our front ramp and steps, looking, wondering if we were giving anything away.

Hey! I thought. My mind flashed to the pile of children’s gospel tracts another woman had left on the counter that morning with a note: “Anyone who needs them.” So THAT’S why God put those there.

Micah was still at the front door, watching all the people go by. I grabbed the tracts, piled them into a paper bag with handles, and ran out the door, Micah in tow.

As mermaids, spooks, and cowboys came up the ramp and steps, they called, “Trick or treat!”

“God bless you on All Hallows Eve, here’s a real treat,” we replied as we dropped the booklets into bags and buckets.

They were all very polite. “Thank you!” and “God bless you, too!” rang out.

We stopped so that we could go inside to the services. We had only a few tracts left out of maybe 40.

I hadn’t ever been on that street on Halloween before. A new friend who lives there said they had 525 trick-or-treaters, down a bit from previous numbers of 700+. Turns out, this is a Halloween hot spot for candy.

That’s crazy!

We had a blessed evening inside our church, and prayed for all those little points of light to shed the grace and hope of the gospel to all who received them. God planted seeds. He will grow them.

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