My First Bubble Refresher


Okay, time for something completely frivolous and unimportant:

I rode my bike to the Post Office this afternoon to mail a birthday card to my big brother. On the way back home, I passed this little shop called Crazy About Cupcakes. Turns out, they sell a lot more than cupcakes.

I had heard of bubble refreshers, but had never tried one, or even seen a picture of one. I asked a lot of questions. I learned that you order for three preferences:

  1. base drink
  2. drink flavoring
  3. bubble flavor

I ordered unsweetened tea for my base drink (I can’t tolerate very sweet drinks any more). Passionfruit was my drink flavoring; and mango was my choice for the bubbles.

The bubbles are constructed of gelatin balls filled with flavoring. They hang out at the bottom of the cup. The straw has a large enough opening to lift one bubble at a time, if you suck on it.


So you can drink the drink, or you can draw up a bubble.

When you get a bubble, a gentle pressure with your tongue is enough to burst it. The bubbles were quite tasty, with deep flavor.

Because I was on a bike ride, I ended up drinking the drink all up, and had lots of bubbles (and a little ice) left at the bottom of my cup. It wasn’t convenient to use the straw to get at all those bubbles, so off with the top, and I got a spoon to finish the job.


The whole thing was altogether refreshing. While I endorse the drink, I should add that this is not a frugal treat. If you are looking for a bargain, stick to water or homemade smoothies. But if you’re out and about and you have an opportunity to try one of these, I recommend it.

Have you had a bubble refresher?

13 thoughts on “My First Bubble Refresher

    1. Michelle, I just thought to look in my Spam folder, and there you were! 😟 So sorry about that.
      I did wonder why they were called bubble refreshers or bubble tea. I guess they’re not really bubbles, but it’s a fun name. Try one, if you have the chance! 😊

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  1. Oh Kathy! This sounds like the perfect afternoon and just heaven with that special drink! Wish I were sitting across you at that table sharing one, but more important sharing our faith with one another!!

    Liked by 1 person

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