Canning Class Opportunity

I receive e-newsletters from Melissa K. Norris, a home canning expert. Her most recent post gave invitation to join her canning class, coming up this Thursday. An excerpt from her mailing:

I can well over 400+ jars a year for my family but this year, I’ve already purchased extra jars and plan on making sure every single jar is full by the end of the season. If I’m upping my game I know this means more of us than ever before need to put up our own food.

I also know many people don’t know how or don’t realize the info they’re getting in a Facebook group or from Aunt Ellie Suzy May isn’t safe (I know this because almost daily I get messages from people asking if the way they canned something was safe and many times I have to be the bearer of bad news and tell them no, it isn’t).

There’s also a myth the only way to put up that many jars of food are to spend hours a day slaving over the stove and there’s no way people who work have time to do it.

This is simply not true and good news, I’m going to be sharing my system for getting jars on the shelf the safe way for free in a LIVE training this week!

Because the beginning of our harvest (aka canning season) starts for me next month, this is THE LAST TIME I’ll be teaching this live class any time soon. I won’t be doing any live teaching over the next month except inside the Pioneering Today Academy.

Don’t miss this last class, this Thursday, May 28th, at 1 pm Pacific/ 4 pm Eastern I’m teaching a FREE live class giving you my best tips on home canning including:

  • the essential supply list (you don’t need as much equipment as you think)
  • my system for making sure we have the staple home-canned goods we need to create meals for my family without spending a TON of time canning (and how to customize it for your kitchen).
  • what you MUST know in order to stay safe with canning
  • my TOP home-canned items to help create the most versatile meals
  • BONUS: how to can jams and jellies WITHOUT store-bought pectin

These always fill up fast, so snag your seat now!

Can’t wait to hang out with you!

Talk soon,

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