Rx Drugs Linked to Alzheimers

On Dr Josh Axe’s website, Alyssa Lowery presents an interesting article about popular prescription drugs and their links to Alzheimers. Even better, she outlines natural alternatives to these drugs. See the full article here: https://draxe.com/health/drugs-linked-to-dementia/.

She begins: “Any time you take a medication, weighing the risks and benefits of the drug is a must. And now we must ask ourselves, ‘Is this one of the drugs linked to dementia and memory loss?’ Emerging research is finding disturbing connections between anticholinergic drugs and negative brain effects. This drug class includes popular medications used for allergies, seasickness and sleep, including diphenhydramine, dimenhydrinate and others.”

Medications she spotlights are:

  • incontinence drugs
  • muscle relaxants
  • narcotic painkillers
  • anti-seizure medications
  • Parkinson’s medications
  • tricyclic antidepressants
  • antipsychotic drugs
  • allergy medications
  • motion sickness medications
  • (mention to anxiety and insomnia drugs)

She ends with, “While you shouldn’t stop taking your medication without talking to your doctor, it’s worth a conversation to see if your medications include anticholinergic drugs linked to dementia. If they are, inquire about possible alternative options with fewer serious side effects, including natural remedies.”

See the full article here: https://draxe.com/health/drugs-linked-to-dementia/.

3 thoughts on “Rx Drugs Linked to Alzheimers

    1. He’s a good one! I’m so grateful for the wealth of information at our fingertips any more. I’ve had to learn how to sift through and find what’s real, but I love finding good information.

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