Gardening and Bugs

Is your garden in yet? Too soon? Wherever you are in the gardening continuum, there is always something more to learn.

One of my favorite people to follow is Chris from Joybilee Farms. She shares very useful and interesting information. In her post,, she discusses natural gardening and how to keep destructive bugs out. She not only provides natural solutions to existing bug issues, but also offers companion planting ideas with plants that attract the bugs that eat the bugs you want to keep away.

10 thoughts on “Gardening and Bugs

  1. It is a bit early to plant in my part of the country (we had snow flurries last week) so I cheated this year and used some plastic to warm the soil and get a few weeks head start. So, yes my garden has been planted for a week now — the earliest I’ve ever planted.

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    1. Cool! I hope the new system works well for you. We had snow, too. In our neck of the woods.
      The hardest part of gardening around here is not to plant too early. Many people get excited and plant, anyway; then have to go back and get new plants when it warms up for good. My dad has done that for years: he just can’t contain his excitement and optimism.

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  2. We are already into our heat here in AZ. We are having 100’s all week but you get used to it. I don’t garden much cause all my plants are desert! But I love to plant pots of flowers! I hope you are enjoying time out in GOD’S creation. Blessings friend!

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