More Magnesium

Dr Josh Axe has a great article about our need of, and depletion of, magnesium. I have written about magnesium before, here.  Besides a good diet and finding good supplements, other sources of magnesium are: Epsom salts bath, stinging nettle tea, and magnesium oil (featured in the post I just referenced).

Dr Axe’s full article is found here:

Some exerpts:

“Magnesium is arguably the most important mineral in the body, which is why magnesium deficiency can be such an issue.

“According to Norman Shealy, MD, Ph.D, an American neurosurgeon and a pioneer in pain medicine, “Every known illness is associated with a magnesium deficiency and it’s the missing cure to many diseases.” Not only does magnesium help regulate calcium, potassium and sodium, but it’s essential for cellular health and a critical component of over 300 biochemical functions in the body.

“Even glutathione, your body’s most powerful antioxidant that has even been called “the master antioxidant,” requires magnesium for its synthesis. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of this, and millions suffer daily from magnesium deficiency without even knowing it.”

Key symptoms of magnesium deficiency: leg cramps, insomnia, muscle pain / fibromyalgia, anxiety, high blood pressure, type II diabetes, fatigue, migraines, and osteoporosis.

Again, please visit Dr Axe’s site to read more:

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