Morning Musing


One of my daily joys is watching the sunrise. I get to do my reading by a big picture window, and we get a pretty good view of the sunrise.

This morning, though, I am in a hurry. We have things to do, and I needed to leave my front-row seat and get busy. As I finished my hot drink, and prepared to get moving, the sun was not really up yet. The beginnings of color were there, but I wanted to sit a while longer and see the brilliant colors.

I wished I could put the sunrise on fast forward, watch it, then rewind so that it could happen in real time; and I could get on with my busy schedule.

But things don’t happen that way. God didn’t design things that way.

Marketers understand that people want to do things their own way, on their own schedules, so they cater to that mindset. It’s becoming increasingly important that we get to do things the way we want.

God doesn’t work that way, and it’s a good thing.

God has His own timing, and He’s in control. We are not in control.

Let’s think about slowing down, paying attention to the way God designed things, and conforming our schedules to His.

24 thoughts on “Morning Musing

  1. I am learning to never take a sunrise or sunset here in Arizona for granted and we get some beautiful ones here!! But you must first slow down and notice! I always say it’s as if GOD takes HIS hands and writes across the sky with beautiful colors. They are so amazing!

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