Recipe Friday: Dry Skin Brushing

RecipeFridayDrySkinBrushingimage taken from

This isn’t exactly a recipe, per se, but can be part of a “recipe for good health.”

Robyn Openshaw, aka “Green Smoothie Girl,” posts excellent information about the benefits of dry skin brushing. She includes a video and a printout for instruction.  She also offers a laminated version. I’ve never regretted signing on to Robyn’s list, as she never spams and I get such great information from her.

Never heard of dry skin brushing?  Please visit her site and learn about this valuable immune-boosting technique. It can be done a couple of times a week before showering.

Skin Brushing With A Dry Brush: Why And How, Step By Step

Several YouTube videos are available, as well. I appreciated “Dry Skin Brushing Technique for Lymph Health by Dr. Mindy Beck.”


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