Recipe Friday: Tooth Powder


Wow. The more I read about oral health, the more I realize I HAVE TO take better care of my mouth. Poor oral health is linked to diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, inflammation in various body parts, fatigue, heart attacks, poor digestion, and a host of other issues.

I was blessed with healthy teeth and, if I may be so bold, healthy spit. I didn’t have any cavities until after my 18th birthday, and I do not have very many now.

I wish I had taken better care of my gift.

I wish I had brushed more often, brushed more gently, flossed more often (I am SO bad at flossing!), and discovered the many health ramifications of oral health at a younger age.

But I’m learning.

One of the scary things I’m learning is, fluoride is not a healthy treatment. After what I’ve read about fluoride, I no longer include it in my brushing, and I refuse any fluoride treatments at the dentist’s office. To read more about this, look up fluoride or fluoride toxin on the Internet. Here are a couple of sites: and

One of the bright ideas I’m learning about is oil pulling. Who’d’a thunk??? There are multiple benefits to this practice, and the best way to say it is: all-around oral health. See , and . Important take-away: if you do oil pulling, spit it out in the trash, not in your sink (clogged pipes).

One of the practices I’ve started is using an electric water flosser, the kind that shoots jets of water between your teeth and against your gums {because I’m so bad at flossing}.

There are many, many recipes for natural tooth powder or toothpaste. See the end of this post for links to other articles and recipes. Some of the recipes include coconut oil to make a paste. I’ve seen some include dipping your brush into hydrogen peroxide instead of water, for whiter teeth.

There is some caution about using baking soda daily, as it can wear thin your enamel. Because of that, you may delete it from your recipe, or use a smaller amount. I use so little of the powder, I don’t know that it does any harm; I am waiting for my next dental appointment to see how it went.

Mineral Rich Tooth Powder


3 tablespoons calcium carbonate

2 tablespoons bentonite clay

1/2 cup baking soda (optional; also amount is optional)

1/4 cup himalayan salt, extra fine grind

2 tablespoons ground clove

2 tablespoons ground cinnamon

20 drops total of preferred essential oils (i.e., peppermint, myrrh, clove instead of ground clove, orange or lemon, tea tree, or eucalyptus) (optional)


In a small mixing bowl, mix the calcium carbonate, bentonite clay, baking soda, salt, and spices. Stir well with a whisk to completely combine.
Add essential oil, if using, and stir well.
Store in a glass jar. Keep tightly capped when not in use. (It’s taken me over a year to use less than half of this recipe. I keep the bulk of it in a tightly capped glass jar, in a dark spot. I put a small portion in a container to use in the bathroom.)

This makes about 1 ½ cups.

To use:                                               RecipeFridayToothPowder2

Wet your toothbrush, shake off extra water. Dip the tip of the brush into the powder, tap off the extra powder. Brush teeth gently, all over. Brush your tongue. Rinse mouth well.

Note on using this: You do not get the lovely white foaming as you do with store-bought toothpaste. No. This doesn’t foam. When you spit it out, it is slightly brown and speckled. That’s because of the cinnamon and clove. It’s okay.

More links for more reading:

18 thoughts on “Recipe Friday: Tooth Powder

  1. I have improved my flossing habits with a Reach flosser. It has a handle like a toothbrush and disposable floss ends. My dentist recommended it since I have arthritis in my hands, and it really helps.

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  2. Great Share!! The Lord led me to oil pulling after my infant daughter began having issues with her two front teeth. They were soft, and seemingly decaying! Boy did oil pulling help, and I even use it in my oral health care! Thanks for the reminder, this message took me back!! Keep Sharing!!

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  3. thank you for very much Kathy for this awesome recipe! i currently purchase natural toothpaste but it is so expensive – hoping one day i will have enough energy to make all my own products. 🙂

    also……..I am so sorry but I can’t find your message to me. I have searched an it’s not anywhere i can find. so sorry. I am terrible at computer stuff.

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    1. I say, Go for it! I think it can only be good. FYI, I am sensitive to coconut. (😕 sad, I know) You can use whatever oil you like, and add a drop of essential oil that works for you (ie, peppermint).


      1. I gave it a whirl this morning. I confess, the first spoonful lasted only as long as it took to melt (used organic coconut oil) before my stomach turned a bit but then I gave myself a talking to and tried again. I made it 10 minutes. I’m going to have to make a natural tooth powder though as I’m still using fluoride-laced toothpaste at present!

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