Breast Cancer Information Links

There is a webinar coming up concerning breast cancer. I got this notification from Dr. Eric Zelinski, the “essential oils guru:”

And (not a webinar, but another natural health site dedicated to breast and ovarian cancer) from Dr. Josh Axe (his mother went through breast cancer twice):

I will mention that both these natural health doctors do not support the pharmacies behind the October Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, as they are based on toxic measures and too often do not consider diet changes and natural paths to health.

From Dr. Z’s newsletter, regarding the webinar:

Most doctors are only trained in (and therefore only comfortable) following the medical “standard of care” (chemo, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy) without even considering customizing an integrative approach for their patients that uses an “outside the box” approach.

But… there are options.

That is why it’s SO important to hear from the people who have made choices; who’ve taken decisions and seen the impact of those choices and decisions in their fight against cancer.

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