10″ of Rain

10 inches of rain

Our little area of the world got flooded last night. In our backyard rain gauge, there was 7.67″ of rain in one night, on top of the 2.15″ the night before, plus .18″ the day before. That equals 10 inches. God is greater than 10 inches.

We are thankful that our house stayed dry. Really, it was a miracle, considering the lake surrounding our house. Mostly I credit God and my husband who is a maintenance king, and has an eye and aptitude for keeping our home safe. Other parts of town did not stay dry. Not mentioned in the attached article is a friend of my husband’s whose basement was completely flooded (8′ ceiling) plus two feet of water in the upper level. Plus all his garages where he had a collection of over 50 motorcycles of various vintages and many other vehicles.

God is greater than 10 inches.

I shared this article on my facebook page. It starts off with a local but worldwide business, Klock Werks. They start off with prayer. There’s a short video at the end of the article worth watching.


Equipping Godly Women Online Conference

Equipping Godly Women Conference Online

Just passing along an opportunity that I caught wind of today. I haven’t heard of this organization before, but I’m intrigued by the topics.

Equipping Godly Women Online Conference coming up Sept 16-20

Web address: https://equipping-godly-women-conference.heysummit.com/

Info from that website:

 Finding the Courage to Live Out God’s Calling On Your Life with Arabah Joy

– Saving Your Sanity Around the Home with Kristi Clover

– Nurturing Faith in Our Kids with Erika Dawson

– The Importance of a Vibrant Prayer Life with LaToya Edwards

– Cultivating Genuine Intimacy in Marriage with Shannon Ethridge

– Determining which Routines You Should Focus on for Your Home with Cara Harvey

– How to Keep Your Marriage Strong in the Storms of Life with Sarah Ann

– How to Have a Grumble Free {School} Year with Tricia Goyer

– Creating a Mission-Minded Family with Brittany Ann

– Trusting God through the Unexpected with Rachel Wojo

– Breaking Up With Mom Fear Once and For All with Lee Nienhuis

 How the Way You Treat Your Body Affects Your Faith with Sara Borgstede

– Building Real Community through Courageous Vulnerability with Lisa Goins



And do not be forgetful of the good, and of the sharing; for God is well pleased with such sacrifices. – Heb 13.16

What kinds of sacrifices do you offer?

Do you sacrifice time? Money? Tasks? Love?

And to what or whom do you sacrifice?

Some sacrifice for a greater good, some to a smaller good.

Some sacrifice good things to the altar of the not-so-good, or even to evil things.

For example, some sacrifice their health so that they can “enjoy life with gusto,” whatever that means to them: food, alcohol, drugs.

Some sacrifice their loved ones so that they may pursue “higher callings,” such as a better job or money or even for someone else they love (ie, a parent who sacrifices his/her children to pursue their own desires, or a love interest). Some religious workers sacrifice their families for the “work” of God: again, this is a choice of the flesh.

Some sacrifice time: sacrifice couch-potatoing, so that volunteer work may be accomplished; give up a TV show to snuggle with spouse or kids; close the phone or laptop to read stories to your family; put aside “me-time” and make a special cake or dinner for a loved one.

Others sacrifice money: skip the bag of potato chips or the latte, take a friend to lunch; forego the lavish vacation, turn off the electronics, and have fun with the family in the backyard, pay off debt.

Sacrifice can be honorable or dishonorable.

It depends on who you love.

A Pruning Perspective on Blessings

October 3, 4, and 5, 2013, Winter Storm Atlas struck Rapid City, SD and surrounding areas and states. The devastation was horrible and widespread. After the tallies were made, it was estimated that at least 14,000 cattle, 1300 sheep, 300 horses, and 40 bison were killed, with South Dakota ranchers reporting losses of 20 to 50 percent of their herds.

I lived in Rapid City at the time. We were without power for three days, a result of the driving wet snow (over three and a half feet) and 70 mph winds. (Fortunately, we had a huge, nature-provided refrigerator right outside our back door – aka snow bank – , a camp stove, and a kerosene heater.)

We’d hiked up Crazy Horse, in the nearby Black Hills, just the week before. It had been a balmy autumn up to that point, with above-average temps. All the trees were still vibrant and green, full of their leaves.


And that was their downfall.

As the snow built up on the leaves of the trees, the branches simply couldn’t take the weight of all that moisture, plus the battering winds.


When we were able to go outdoors, no one could drive anywhere. We had 51” of snow in our driveway.

Wading over to the street, all anyone could see was snow and branches and green leaves piled on lawns and crowding the streets.

It didn’t look like God’s mercy or blessing.

Why do I post this now?

A memory came up on my Facebook page, from September of the next year, 2014. I will let that post tell the rest of the story…


Last March, on the first day of spring, I walked around our neighborhood in Rapid City and took pictures of the trees. As anyone who lives in Rapid can tell you, the trees had a sad story to tell, and they wore it on their sleeves, so to speak; except that most of them had no arms, due to the blizzard last October, which killed and maimed thousands of our green, leafy trees. Some of the trees simply didn’t make it, and had to be cut to the quick.

But others were pruned. I took pictures, last spring, of the trees, forlorn as they were; but radiating the hope that pruning represented. These trees were not cut down, assumed to be useless. Every vestige of life was spared, in the hope that they would return.

Did they? Please click through the pictures and see the hope revealed. I took new pictures this Labor Day weekend, summer’s last hurrah as it fades away into the sunset. The lush greens of summer are still in full view, and we may yet have a few hot days ahead. Even as whispers of cooler air and changing seasons bow in and out, most of us have felt autumn on the way.

These trees are reminders that God prunes us, in order to produce something beautiful. As I look at these trees, their scars are still evident, reminders of hardships endured. But, they are beautiful to behold, vibrant, giving, and full of promise.












Our Trip to the Ocean: Things that Intrigued Me

We took a three-day drive to arrive at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to a house across the street from the beach. Each morning, I met my little sister on the beach to watch the sunrise. It was amazing every single morning.

On our trip (the drive and the beach), I was intrigued by many things:

Sunrise at the beach…


Sunset at the beach…



We saw dolphins! They frolicked and flipped and dipped before us for about half an hour…


The way the sky looked at different times of the day, in different places…


Moonrise over the ocean…


The way I got to approach the ocean: as I walked up the path, it crested a dune. I heard the ocean before I saw it, and got goose bumps at the rushing sound…


Things I found on the beach (Yes, John, I found some shells 😊)…


Things that grow in that area…



crape myrtle trees / bushes


live oak trees…



roadside hibiscus along the Interstate *


mountains all covered with trees…


driving among the clouds…


And a cute, very tiny frog among grape leaves…


God’s creation stunned, awed, and amazed me. Our Lord is so beautiful!


*these photos were taken from google photos: the large live oak, two roadside hibiscus, crape myrtle tree. The rest of the photos are my own.