And do not be forgetful of the good, and of the sharing; for God is well pleased with such sacrifices. – Heb 13.16

What kinds of sacrifices do you offer?

Do you sacrifice time? Money? Tasks? Love?

And to what or whom do you sacrifice?

Some sacrifice for a greater good, some to a smaller good.

Some sacrifice good things to the altar of the not-so-good, or even to evil things.

For example, some sacrifice their health so that they can “enjoy life with gusto,” whatever that means to them: food, alcohol, drugs.

Some sacrifice their loved ones so that they may pursue “higher callings,” such as a better job or money or even for someone else they love (ie, a parent who sacrifices his/her children to pursue their own desires, or a love interest). Some religious workers sacrifice their families for the “work” of God: again, this is a choice of the flesh.

Some sacrifice time: sacrifice couch-potatoing, so that volunteer work may be accomplished; give up a TV show to snuggle with spouse or kids; close the phone or laptop to read stories to your family; put aside “me-time” and make a special cake or dinner for a loved one.

Others sacrifice money: skip the bag of potato chips or the latte, take a friend to lunch; forego the lavish vacation, turn off the electronics, and have fun with the family in the backyard, pay off debt.

Sacrifice can be honorable or dishonorable.

It depends on who you love.

21 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. This is such truth Kathy…….and yes you can see WHO your priority is by where you spend your time. It is so precious that your time spent in sacrifice for others can be seen and I hope noticed in our current culture. No one seems to have time for anything else but there darn phones! So thanks for this reminder! Blessings friend!

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