Our Trip to the Ocean: Things that Intrigued Me

We took a three-day drive to arrive at the Outer Banks of North Carolina, to a house across the street from the beach. Each morning, I met my little sister on the beach to watch the sunrise. It was amazing every single morning.

On our trip (the drive and the beach), I was intrigued by many things:

Sunrise at the beach…


Sunset at the beach…



We saw dolphins! They frolicked and flipped and dipped before us for about half an hour…


The way the sky looked at different times of the day, in different places…


Moonrise over the ocean…


The way I got to approach the ocean: as I walked up the path, it crested a dune. I heard the ocean before I saw it, and got goose bumps at the rushing sound…


Things I found on the beach (Yes, John, I found some shells 😊)…


Things that grow in that area…



crape myrtle trees / bushes


live oak trees…



roadside hibiscus along the Interstate *


mountains all covered with trees…


driving among the clouds…


And a cute, very tiny frog among grape leaves…


God’s creation stunned, awed, and amazed me. Our Lord is so beautiful!


*these photos were taken from google photos: the large live oak, two roadside hibiscus, crape myrtle tree. The rest of the photos are my own.

31 thoughts on “Our Trip to the Ocean: Things that Intrigued Me

      1. I choose favorite photos of my grandchildren monthly and create a book on Snapfish. The cost is usually about $10-$15, but it is worth it because it gives me tangible photos to help me recall good times.

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