I Pray I See my Friend in Heaven

A dear, wonderful loved one died.

Will I see this person in heaven? I don’t know.

That brings me anguish. Whence comes the anguish?

Is it because I don’t have control over someone’s eternity? I think my friend was good, kind, loving, giving, gentle, and patient; and ought to live with God for eternity. But I know that no one deserves eternity with God. It is only through faith in Jesus that we may have forgiveness of sins and, therefore, life everlasting in His presence.

How to assuage my anguish?

I know that all things rest in the loving, wise Hands of my Lord. He is the One Who saves, Who condemns. He is the One Who is right, is righteous, is just.

I rest in the peace of knowing that I know that I know.

I will cry at the funeral. A pillar of the family is missing. I will share in the tears of family and friends. I will feel their deep sorrow of loss. I will pray there were no regrets. I will give solace in hugs, and in words spoken or unspoken.

I pray I see my friend in Heaven.

34 thoughts on “I Pray I See my Friend in Heaven

  1. I understand the anguish that comes with not knowing where that loved one is spending eternity. What causes me even more anguish is when I see, in retrospect, opportunities I had to share the gospel with that person and decided it “wasn’t a good time,” or thought the best thing was to “mind my own business.” When we’re staring eternity in the face, suddenly the priorities are different. I hope to learn from past mistakes and “sins of omission” and live differently with those who are still among us.

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  2. So sorry about your friend! I know your heart is hurting and may GOD give you much comfort during this difficult time. No, none of us deserve eternity. I guess who is there or not there is not up to us anyway! It is a question we all ponder about those we love yes?

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  3. Prayers of healing is going your way for you, your loved ones and your friend’s.
    Our Father is a God of love (for He is Love), He sees the heart of every individual, that’s what matters to Him. Sounds like your friend was a beautiful person inside and out. And had YOU as a best friend, along with your prayers and who you believed in. Feel comfort knowing she knew you and your belief in God and through you made peace with our Lord.
    Ultimately, it’s that personal relationship He seeks from us all. God hears His devoted one’s prayers, for we show our devotions by our actions and our conduct. She knew this about you. Just like you and your husband kept God as your pilot on your journey.

    May your joy come in each morning that presents itself. By the good times you are having with your family get together, it seems it has. Blessings always.

    Your trip with your paper map 😉 although long, looks like quite the adventure with breathtaking views. Thank you for sharing such a bitter sweet journey. May your return home be as safe, adventurous and breathtaking. Shalom! ~Aida

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    1. Thank you for your prayers, Aida. We have such peace, leaving all in our Father’s loving hands. I pray, as you say, that God spoke through my husband and me to our friend.
      I do so enjoy road trips with my husband! We get stressed sometimes when we hit big cities and zoom-zoom traffic; but God has given us spectacular beauty to appreciate.

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