Rochester and Mayo

What an interesting and eventful couple of weeks it’s been!

Rochester is a lovely city, filled with friendly and helpful people. Mayo Clinic was a great experience, with gentle and professional staff. My mom’s surgery at Mayo went well, and she is back home (so am I). I praise my Heavenly Father for all His guidance and support and love.

There were so many blessings while I was away:

  • My mom’s surgery went well.
  • She is back home with her husband (my daddy) again after a long time apart.
  • She is amazed and grateful for being able to walk again for the first time in over a year.
  • My big brother and I were able to spend time with her and with each other.
  • I got days and days of one-on-one time with my mom before my brother got there. We had some really nice conversations. We reflected that we don’t often have that kind of time together, and we’ll have to make sure we plan for that in the future. We enjoyed each other.
  • We were able to find a great place to stay!
    • For anyone seeking long-term arrangements in Rochester, I highly recommend Riverview Suites:
    • Very reasonable prices (much lower than any nearby hotels, with more amenities)
    • They have one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments.
    • Apartments have laundry rooms (full-size machines, no coins needed).
    • Full kitchen, stocked with towels, pots, pans, hot pads, dishes
      • Since I deal with food allergies, it was important for me to be able to bring / purchase / cook my own food for the duration of our stay.
    • Linens and towels provided
    • Free parking
    • Plenty spacious (we rented a scooter for my mom, for before the surgery, and she had plenty of room to maneuver around)
    • Easy walking to Mayo Clinic & Methodist Hospital (I clocked it at 7 minutes from the building’s front door to the hospital door).
    • The manager and maintenance guys were so friendly and helpful! Very timely with their responses.
    • Nice view of the river.
    • Easy walk to the Mayo Civic Center, where you can catch the Skywalk / Subway.
    • Free shuttle to Mayo
    • Nice little grocery store and restaurant around the corner
  • I enjoyed the city, itself.
    • We took a narrated trolley ride through Rochester, well worth it.
    • I explored the Skyway and (pedestrian) Subway system, and got a kick out of all I found: restaurants (I ate a peanut butter and bacon burger at Newt’s Express – yum!), shops (all kinds: grocery, drug stores, clothing, gift shops, chocolate kiosks, fast food), and even a museum.
    • Lots of community activities going on: food / craft festivals, music, carillon concerts
    • We had nice weather for most of the trip, and were able to walk along the wide sidewalks (well, I walked, and my mom was on her scooter).

I tried keeping up with all the blogs I read – it’s so good for my soul. You bless me. I hope now to jump back in to fully reading and engaging. I’ve missed you.

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