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I’ve written previously about my concern over the amount of chemicals we are exposed to. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made, and we have the God-gifted ability to overcome a lot of different kinds of assaults on our systems. But, at some point, we wear down our immune system; we overload it (think Scotty, from Star Trek: “She canna take much more, Captain!”).

When we wear down our immune system, our adrenal system, our elimination system; and don’t take care to build it up, then we develop faults: little things start slipping through, we notice something’s a bit off, and we think, “Eh. Our bodies break down. I’ll get over it.”

But we’re not getting over things like we used to. It’s not necessarily because we get old. Younger people are becoming afflicted with ailments that used to be relegated only to the elderly. Autoimmune system disorders are rampant. Mental illness is rampant. Cancers, infections, and other life-taking or life-changing diseases are sucking the abundant life out of us.

We don’t have to expose ourselves to the amount of artificial and chemical substances that we often do. Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, deodorants, hair styling products, shower soaps and gels, toothpastes, eye drops, cleaning products, laundry cleaners and fresheners, bug sprays, sunscreens, make-up, air sprays, scented candles, and perfumes all contain an alarming number and alarming types of chemicals that our bodies have to fight against.

I’m tellin’ ya: THEY’RE NOT ALL GOOD FOR YOU! Don’t believe the advertising.

If you believe any of the following about artificial products, please consider getting over it:

  • “I love the smell of it on my hair / skin.”
  • “My skin feels so soft when I use it.”
  • “My hair looks so good when I use this.”
  • “This is the only product that gives me the look I want.”
  • “My clothes smell so fresh!”
  • “Everyone else uses stuff like this.”
  • “It says it’s good for me.”
  • “I can’t have my home smelling stale like this; I have to use it.”
  • “I want people around me to enjoy this scent as much as I do. I want them to know this is ME.”

Since developing conditions, myself, I have done a lot of reading. Much of it has been on the Internet. I know, I know: Who can believe what you read on the Internet?? But I have found several reputable people who spread the good word(s) about living cleaner, healthier lives:

Most of these knowledgeable, helpful people offer an abundance of free advice, remedies, and recipes.  I subscribe to e-newsletters from them, and get all kinds of helpful information. (Most also offer their tips on Facebook pages.) Just to highlight one, here is a page-ful of DIY, healthy, cleaning products:

And here is a recipe I use (one I made from a conglomeration of other recipes I read) for an anti-bacterial spray. Well, that’s the name for it, anyway, but it has many other uses.

Use a glass spray bottle. This recipe has essential oils, and the oils eat through plastic.

Prepare a 50/50 mix of witch hazel and vodka, enough so that it almost fills your spray bottle.

Into the bottle, put clove, peppermint, and orange essential oils.

You will need to shake the bottle every time you use it.

  • 2-ounce glass spray bottle
  • ¾ ounce vodka
  • ¾ 1 ounce witch hazel (or water)
  • 20 drops clove essential oil
  • 25 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 25 drops orange essential oil
  • ¼ teaspoon sunflower lecithin (optional: this is an emulsifier; if you add it, you don’t have to shake it so much every time)

Directions: Add all ingredients to the spray bottle. Shake well before and during use. This lasts around 6 months at room temperature.

This is an antiviral, antimicrobial, antifungal spray. It’s great for when someone in the house is sick – spray it on everything* (but not on skin – too concentrated).

I use this for the normal ew-germs-kill-it spots, like door handles, toilet, etc. I also spray it on our pillow cases in the morning when I want to freshen them up, along with any bedding.

I use this, too, anywhere I don’t want spiders coming in (clove and peppermint, especially, are good spider repellants).

Good for kitchen counters, wonky-smelling dishcloths (or face cloths in the bathroom).

Good air freshener; it will neutralize odors. This smells great, but make another bottle if you don’t like it, and use other essential oils (like geranium, ylang ylang, Frankincense, or other scents you like). Whatever oils you use for an air freshener will have healing properties, and you can substitute them in the same recipe with the vodka and witch hazel.

Spray on a cloth to wipe computer keyboards, light switch plates.

Spray on clothing to freshen up.*

*CAUTION: Do not spray on wood surfaces. I sprayed this onto my clothing that I hadn’t worn for a while (just kinda musty), while they were in the drawer. The ingredients break down any lacquer or finish on the wood. My clothing smelled like old lacquer.

Also CAUTION: Do not spray onto skin. The essential oils are too concentrated in this mixture, and will irritate skin. That said, if you get some on you while using it, you don’t have to freak out. Don’t spray directly onto skin. If you get quite a bit on you, wipe or rinse it off.

23 thoughts on “DIY Anti-Bacterial Spray

  1. Absolute confirmation and great info!!!

    ” Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers…3 John 2

    I haven’t had health insurance since 2008 and the Lord has led me on an amazing journey to better health and well-being. God created our bodies to fight. Sadly, we fight against its ability to do its job.

    I make my own deodorant and have been for years now. (baking soda, corn starch, lemongrass essential oil and a little bit of coconut oil) I also use baking soda for toothpaste and make a water/thieves blend mixture for mouthwash.(Clove, lemon, tea tree, rosemary, cinnamon , eucalyptus , radiata essential oil) I don’t take any synthetic medication. Cold and flu season I up my vitamin C intake and drink plenty of ginger/tumeric teas (using the actual root)

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        1. I looked stuff up on one of my favorite informational sites, hosted by Dr. Eric Zelinski.
          Here is a good article
          And another one, but lengthy:
          Essentially (Yes, I meant that 😉), it seems the best essential oil for cholesterol is lemongrass. The recommendation in to put two drops into a capsule (you can get empty capsules at health food stores, amazon, or vitacost), with some olive oil, and take it twice a day. You could also add the two lemongrass drops to your smoothie. Lime essential oil is also listed as beneficial.
          And turmeric is good for everything!
          And another favorite, Dr. Josh Axe: (I add ground psyllium husk to my super powder for my smoothies) and .
          You can cook with any of the oils & spices in this comment, or add to whatever you’re eating.
          The condensed version: Stuff good for cholesterol is lemongrass essential oil, lime essential oil, turmeric, psyllium husk, and coriander.


  2. Thanks Kathy for your post! My son and I enjoyed it and he is a big believer on how we are to treat our bodies as a temple of the LORD. We have so gotten away from all of this. Thanks for all the info! Blessings friend!

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  3. This is really helpful information, Kathy. I think I might try your recipe, although I have to be careful with fragrances – even essential oils. And I really appreciate the tip about the spider repellent – I had one of those uninvited guests in my apartment just the other day! 😳

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      1. It definitely does! As you mentioned in your post, so many of the everyday products that we use have abrasive or outright toxic ingredients in them. 😮

        Just the other day, I was about to buy some dishwasher detergent, but then looked at the ingredient list. I thought to myself, “I’m going to look for a brand that has more natural ingredients.” The smell was really harsh, and most of the ingredients had words I could not recognize, so I put it back!

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