I Was Laid Taciturn By My Expectations


“I was laid taciturn by my expectations, and education lifted my hopes.”

When one dreams, can the contents of said dream be contributed to the dreamer? In other words, can the dreamer take credit for anything created in that dream?

I awoke at 6:11 this morning from a dream. This is what I remember:

Picture a man, a husband and father, mulling over the year past, feeling melancholy over the passage of time and of beginning yet another year afresh. He draws his journal to him with the intent of writing some words of substance to close out the old year. But first, he thinks, he will turn back the pages see what he had writ there on the last day of the year previous. These words were on the page: “I was laid taciturn by my expectations, and education lifted my hopes.”

I awoke, as I say, from that dream and pondered what I had just read. I had to write it down, as I knew I would be unable to ponder that which I could not remember.

From dictionary.com: taciturn: adjective; 1. Inclined to silence; reserved in speech; reluctant to join in conversation. 2. Dour, stern, and silent in expression and manner.  Education: noun; the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

I have heard the phrase “laid low,” as to mean something happened and a person felt low as a result. I transitioned that for “laid taciturn” to mean something happened and a person felt taciturn as a result.

I have written about Expectations previously. The gist is that we base our expectations on what we perceive as truth.

So maybe my dream’s quote is a re-mash of an old blog: Learn what real Truth is. Read the Bible, God’s Word (educate yourself). Ask His Spirit to rightly divide the Word for you, and to interpret how to live accordingly. Base your feelings on what God says about you and your circumstances. Put your hope in the Lord.

For this new year, lay aside old, worn-out expectations. Read and put your hope and faith in God and His Word.

I hope that man in the dream was able to reflect on some positive changes he made from the revelations of the previous year.

11 thoughts on “I Was Laid Taciturn By My Expectations

    1. I am, indeed, still reflecting on it. The dream itself is not so much staying with me, as much as the quote. Mostly, I keep thinking, “How weird was that!” It’s not among the common type of dream I have. I haven’t figured anything new, though.😊

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      1. Yes, that quote was quite stirring! I find that the details of the dream may fade over time, but there are some elements (like the quote from your dream) that stay with you. We may never know the meaning of our dreams – if a meaning is there at all – until we get to heaven, and by then, I reckon that we will have forgotten our dreams completely. 🙂


        1. Ha ha – you’re likely right! I often think of God sending dreams to people as messages (ie, Joseph OT and Joseph NT). I guess if He wants me to derive something important from a dream, He knows He’ll need to keep it in my head for me and let me know what to do with it. 😊

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          1. Exacrly. I’ve got a dream that is so rattling in the back of my mind, and it still so clear and crisp and I feel like it was a direction from the Lord. However, I am waiting for confirmation – to see how things play out.

            I’ve had a couple of prophetic dreams in the past, but don’t want to focus too much on them. The way I see it, if God wants to get my attention through a dream, then that is His prerogative. Personally, I would rather Him use a dream rather than a burning bush! 😳

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