Frozen Ditty


It’s icy and snowing today, and I was reminded of a ditty I wrote in college (when bell-bottom pants were in style):

Frozen pants are pretty strange,

Clakking from side to side.

You get them when your pants are wet

And no one offers a ride.

30 thoughts on “Frozen Ditty

    1. 😁 I was at the college, walking in the snow between buildings. My pants filled with snow, then melted. They were still prety wet when it was time to walk back to my apartment, a couple of miles away. Mind you, this was Northern Michigan University, in the Upper Peninsula (or, da UP). They know how to do serious snow. And cold. My pants froze a few feet out of the library, and I clakked the rest of the way home.

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              1. It’s not classified as one…
                In Raynaud’s phenomenon, smaller arteries that supply blood to the skin constrict excessively in response to cold, limiting blood supply to the affected area.

                The fingers, toes, ears, and tip of the nose are commonly involved and feel numb and cool in response to cold temperatures or stress. It’s often accompanied by changes in the color of the skin.

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  1. We had rain up this way. Cold rain. Snow is beautiful. I can’t imagine it being in the 70’s in December. Although I’m not a fan of bell bottoms, I’d take them over theses skinny jeans going on.

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  2. Snow started two days ago but yesterday and today it did not snow here. This followed last week’s ice rain spell. This Florida girl is getting her second helping of the cold! πŸ˜¬β„οΈβ˜ƒοΈ I like the flare or wide leg bottoms most. lol.. 😁

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