Thanksgiving Tag


First, a big Thank You to Christy for tagging me for this fun go-around. Please visit Christy’s blog for informative, thought-provoking reading.

I am thankful for…

A – Abba Father, agape love

B – Bountiful love

C – Counting my blessings

D – Delighting in the Lord, and He gives me the desires of my heart

E – Edification of the saints

F – Father, I adore You, You offer forgiveness freely

G – Going to Heaven some day

H – Holy, holy, holy is our Lord God Almighty

I – In Christ is our righteousness

J – Jesus is my Lord and Savior

K – Knowing that a man is not justified by the works of the law, but by the faith of Jesus Christ

L – Loving others, even as I am loved

M – Man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow.

N – No one comes to the Father but by the Son

O – One God and Father

P – Perfect love, perfect salvation

Q – Quieting my heart before my Lord

R – Resting in His love

S – Satisfying my soul in Christ

T – Taking all He has to give me

U – Unquenchable fire of God’s anger

V – Variety of spiritual gifts

W – Winnowing of the wheat from the chaff

X – eXceptional grace and mercy from our Lord

Y – Yea, Lord we greet Thee

Z – Zealously pursuing God

This Tag was started by Moon Child Nova


List your thankful ABC.

Add one theme clip art to your post.

Tag 3 people you hope would participate.

I tag Stuart, Ana, and Amy 😊

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