Thank You Lord


1 Chronicles 16.34 O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for His mercy endureth for ever.

I am often burdened with events in our world: Flooding and earthquake victims; governments and terrorist groups are mass murdering in Syria; Israel and the Palestinians are living with a brittle peace agreement; covert murders between countries’ governments; and ordinary citizens are fleeing violence and terrorism in their countries.

In my own country, I observe murders, strife, political venom, natural catastrophes, poisoning of our planet, and general mismanagement of the resources God gave us.

In any country, men, women, children, and elders are barely surviving in panic, strife, suffering, violence, famine, disease, thirst, filth, and death.

At the same time, I am surrounded by media advertising Coke, telling us to open happiness; ladies magazines telling us how to ‘get the look’ for our next entertainment gathering; digital companies enticing us with the latest and greatest devices to keep us connected; fantasy football, tailgate parties, and weekly stat keeping; articles describing healthy snacks; “reality” shows; celebrity gossip; how to have whiter teeth and flatter bellies; and stores tell us where we can find those ’gotta have’ shoes for the lowest price.

I got up this morning, pushed the button on my coffeemaker, did my devotions in my quiet spot, caught up on some reading, took a bike ride with my husband to buy some groceries, spent some time on a cool fall day in my heated home, cooked up a satisfying midday dinner, wrote and posted a blog, and got my delivery of an online order. Tonight I plan to watch some TV before retiring to my comfy bed for the night.  I am safe in my home.  I have plenty to eat.  I can travel at will, and safely, to visit with friends and family, to shop for needs and wants, to attend meetings, to socialize, or to work.

I compare my life to that of a similarly aged woman in Syria or Palestine or Africa, as far as I am able in my ignorance.  I have been greatly blessed with freedom, health, family, friends, church, and peace.  As I compare, I think, “Why me?”  Why am I blessed with ease and health and safety in my life, here in SD, USA?

I don’t know why I am where I am, and not somewhere else.  But, I am grateful.

I thank God for blessing me with my birthplace and that I was born into a happy and healthy family; for giving me the mental faculties to go to college and become a teacher; for wiring me to my husband; and for my Saviour, Jesus Christ.

I thank my parents for raising me to be grateful, and for all they gave to me.

I thank my husband for loving me and for providing for me and protecting me.

I thank my dad for his service in the military, for protecting the freedoms of the US and of his family (even if we do take those freedoms past reasonable limits).

11 thoughts on “Thank You Lord

  1. Well-said Kathy. I don’t know why I was blessed with a U.S. address either, or with a husband with a heart to serve his country and now local jurisdiction. Thank you Jesus for such gifts. And please forgive me as I pass on the tag. I am trying REALLY hard to get my first novel done this month, though I am not sharing publicly about Nanowriting you know what. Have a great Friday night. In Christ, Julie

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