Suddenly Fall


45 degrees

Orange trees

Losing leaves


Gray skies drizzling down

Faces scrunch and frown

Wind blowing all aroun’


Sunny skies all gone

Summer’s curtain drawn

Welcome, Fall: forge on.

21 thoughts on “Suddenly Fall

      1. You know the funny thing, I thought about that when I wrote the comment and hoped you’ll figure out which Aberdeen it was 😃
        But though I knew there’s an Aberdeen in the US, I didn’t know which state it’s in. Thanks for the info 🤗


      1. Not so much – in California, our colors are three-fold: green (springtime), brown (summer), and blue (sky/ocean). For our winters, we simply haev two modes: Wet or dry. And it officially becomes cold when the temperatures begin to approach 65F.

        The leaves do fall from the trees here, but the colors pale in comparison to what you must be accustomed to, Kathy!

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