Funny Thing


I just got back from a walk. You know how things happen, and they just make you think/wonder?

A car full of high school kids passed me (school was just letting out). A boy, hanging out the back window, said hi to me, and waved.

I gave him a big wave back.

He yelled, “I love you!”

I put my hands in a yell position around my mouth and bellowed a kiss at him.

“Thank you!” I heard as the car rounded a corner.

So, what was that about?

{A note on perspective: For those of you who follow me, you know I’m old now (social security old). I don’t think it was meant for me, personally.}

Was it an affirmation need of teenage angst?

Was it a dare?

Kids just messing around?

As my cousin-in-law, Paul says, “People are funny.”

So there’s a person God put in my path today. He made me think. Maybe he’s thinking, too.

8 thoughts on “Funny Thing

  1. It costs nothing to be gracious to others. There could have been a million responses to his statement, but by the grace of God, you chose to be gracious to him, and I believe he appreciated your response and sent thanks back. Somewhere inside my head, I feel the ‘younger generation’ (not like I’m as old as this might sound 😃) are looking for older people who will be ‘real’ and down-to-earth with them, not always a stern look their direction.

    This really warmed my heart. And because I work with teenagers at church, it’s even more close to home for me. Thanks for sharing, Kathy.

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