Where is Your Joy?


The Joy of the Lord
Who handles your joy? In His Word, God promises us joy. It is fruit of the Spirit. It is within us at all times, if the Spirit is within us. Can you feel it?
Joy is directly related to peace (also fruit of the Spirit).
God gives us everlasting, continuous joy and peace. (Jesus said, Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.) We are not to be troubled (angry, jealous) or afraid (fear lack of control).
How we handle God’s gifts is up to us. We decide who controls our joy and peace.
Your so-called friend stabbed you in the back? Don’t give your friend your joy and peace. Your spouse hurt you? Don’t give away God’s gifts.
Focus on God. Granted, we have no power in ourselves to “get over it.” Die to self. Allow God to fill you with His presence, His joy, His peace. He is the God of Comfort, the God Who Heals.
Harboring hurts only hurts us. We are to be obedient and show others Christ in us. Yes, even when it’s tough. Don’t use your own strength – use God’s. It’s eternal and powerful.
Don’t allow the fleeting things of this world to rob you of your joy and peace. Set your mind on things above. Allow God to work in and through you.

15 thoughts on “Where is Your Joy?

  1. Good morning, dear Kathy. Such power in these words. Everything in life comes back to Jesus. I know not to let others steal my joy, but two members of my family struggle with negativity. Some days it is hard for me in my own house. I am thankful for the knowledge I can seek Him in all things in all ways anytime of day. Teaching others that means sowing seeds He will water and requires the fruit of patience in me 🙂

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    1. I am reminded of the parable of the husbandmen in Luke 20.9-16. The master of the vineyard sent his servants to collect the fruit, but the husbandmen beat them, and even killed the master’s son.
      God plants His vineyard in each of us, and produces His fruit. The fruit is His gift(s) to us, and each person has different gifts. Then, God sends people (those He chooses, who are hungry, themselves) to us to collect His fruit: the people may be family members, friends, church associates, co-workers, people on the street or in the grocery store, etc. Do we give God’s fruit to these people, or do we beat them and kill them (wound with our words, slay their hearts, ignore them)?
      God gives us all the resources we need to do His works. When we rely on our own resources, they are never enough. That’s why there’s so much peace in dying to self.
      So often, in my flesh, I tire of giving and giving and giving. I become short-tempered, impatient. My thoughts are negative, even though on the outside I may appear to be walking in obedience. But those who know me (my family) can tell I don’t really mean it. My façade doesn’t work well with them. I know I can be real with them, but I also need to be honest (the “truth in love” thing 😊).

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    1. I can relate. My dad is a retired police officer and honestly, I can’t count the battles he fought while in service. It was just by the mercies of God that he retired safely. God is with your husband. He will finish strong.

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