So Teach Us to Number Our Days

Number our days

My big news this week is that I applied for social security. I am officially old now.

We have a family site on the Internet, in which we share news and pictures of what’s up in our lives. I posted a picture of my new form and let everyone know that I had taken the plunge.

But what grabbed my attention, and what this blog is about, was the response my younger brother posted:

“wow….. I thought it would take longer for this much time to pass”

I’m going to have to ponder that one for a while. My brother gets pretty deep sometimes.

Psalm 90.12 So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

23 thoughts on “So Teach Us to Number Our Days

  1. Seems your brother was surprised at how fast time passed. I used to worry about life and death. I am thankful to Jesus for taking one day at a time, for the most part. Hard when others want to rush though. Have a good night, Kathy.

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  2. Time does seem to speed up in the more mature years. Welcome to the club. You are right too about the scriptures. Hopefully too we have become wiser with the years but I’m not completely sure about myself though. I still want to do things my way sometimes – to my detriment. Regardless – I do ask God for wisdom to properly apply the knowledge acquired.

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      1. Kathy, I think ‘number our days’ is referencing to time. So that man, can see that life is short, that we won’t be here forever, that death will come upon us.

        ‘That we may have a heart of wisdom’ – so that we may live wisely. Time is short, live wisely. It reminds me of – ‘For you are dust and to dust you shall return’

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