Birthday Blessing

This post is throwback (even though it’s not Thursday) from two years ago. I re-post because I love how God blesses us individually.

james taylor blessing

Birthday blessing!
So here’s the story:
My husband’s birthday was coming up, and he’d been sighing over the James Taylor commercials on TV, for the concert coming up on July 23rd. He really wanted to go, but the ticket prices were in the ~gasp!~ range. We listen to KOTA radio, and they were having a ‘James Taylor 5-4-3-2-1’ phone-in contest. I’d prayed about trying to win some tickets, and decided to try, leaving it in God’s hands, and not being disappointed if I didn’t get through. (After all, the only thing I can remember winning IN MY LIFE was a margarita gift basket – and if you know me, you know I gave it away.)
So yesterday afternoon I was surreptitiously on the phone, trying to win Row 2 seats to the concert. I finally got through, only to hear, “We already have a winner.” I thought, well, someone is going to really enjoy those tickets; just not us. That’s okay.
This morning, as my husband and I were chatting over coffee, I heard them announce they would take caller #9 for the last day, the grand prize of front row tickets. I grabbed the phone and started dialing. Hubby asked what I was doing. Between busy signals, redials, and Talk buttons, I told him I was calling to win tickets. The announcer answered.
“Hello, you’ve reached KOTA Radio.”
“Hi. How are you?”
“Fine, thanks. How are you?”
“I’m fine. So, are you calling to say hi, or are you calling to win James Taylor tickets?”
“I’m calling to win James Taylor tickets.”
“You’re caller number 9, and the tickets are yours.”
“Wow-wow-wow-wow! That’s cool!”
“Congratulations! Let me get your name and phone number.”
I gave him the info, and told him these were for my husband’s birthday today.
“This’ll make a great birthday gift!”
“No kidding! Thanks!”
“Stop by the studio today after 10:00 to pick up your tickets.”
So we stopped by the studio and picked up two front-row tickets to the James Taylor concert!!

In comparison to the world, this is a little thing. But in our world, it’s big. It brings right before us our great God Who delights to give His children wonderful gifts.
We still can’t believe we scored front-row tickets to James Taylor. Neither one of us ever wins anything, so we know this was definitely a God thing.
Thank you, God!

Post-note from present-day: We loved the concert. It was everything hubby had hoped for. I even got to Meet Mr Taylor, and he hugged me.

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