In a Dark Place

In my devotions this morning, I read in “Daily Living for Seniors” about being in a dark, locked room. The room may be financial or relational difficulties, health issues, or any other “dark place” in which we find ourselves. We want out, we want it to be all better again, we want God to climb in with us and unlock that door. But, the writer says: “When we’re locked in that dark room, God still climbs in. But instead of quickly unlocking the door, He sits with us because spending time with Him is more important than quickly getting on with our lives.” That sentence really gripped me. “What an excellent point!” I thought to myself: He sits with us because spending time with Him is more important than quickly getting on with our lives!

I’ve meditated and written on suffering in our lives many times. From a previous writing of mine:

“We are to expect suffering. We learn through suffering. Our faith grows through suffering.

“Why suffering? Why did God design us to learn our important lessons, to grow in Him, to increase our faith, through suffering? Couldn’t He have designed us to learn in times of ease?

“He did. We can learn important lessons any time we choose to put our time and effort into learning. But when we got ourselves kicked out of Eden because of sin, God knew we would all face a life of suffering because of that sin. We hurt ourselves in sin. We hurt others through sin, and we are hurt by others through sin. Sin is all around us. We’re gonna get hurt! We’re gonna suffer!

“How kind of God to turn our suffering into joy. Just as in Genesis 50.20, when Joseph tells his brothers that God turned their sin to good. Just as in Romans 8.28, all things work together for good. God has the power to do that, and He does, because He loves us so much.”

Another previous writing brought out the sufferings of Job. His friends sat with him for days before uttering a word.

God sits with us in dark times. He knows intimately what we are going through. In His love, He holds us tenderly in His hands and teaches us and comforts us. Let us receive Him.

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